War of Coasters: Part 1 – Dawn of War

“While seeking revenge, dig two graves – one for yourself.” Douglas Horton


Cedar Point – September 16th, 2016

They stood in silence at the funeral. The sun had finally set, and it was time to let go. The Sixteen marched to the beach, leaving the others behind. The twins carried the coffin, while the raven guided them to the edge of the water. They laid the coffin down in the sand, and took a moment to admire the lake.

Erie was quite beautiful at night.

As Maverick began to dig the grave, others whispered about how General Streak had died. They were all rumors of course, but some were more believable than others. Millie, the leader of the warriors, had stated that Streak had just died of old age. However, most believed his death was an unfortunate product of the war.

“It was planned! It was all planned!” Rougarou hissed. “I swear. It was that damned flying beast that led the attack!”

“I saw it too. Twas an orange bird that led an airstrike. Streak was caught up in the chaos.” uttered the gatekeeper. His statement was met with subtle nods of approval.

Maverick finished digging the hole, and the twins lowered the general’s coffin into the ground. They covered the wooden case with dirt, and bowed their heads in silence…

Part 1 – Dawn of War

Magic Mountain – 4 Months Later

It was the dead middle of the off-season, and The High Council of Flags had gathered at their capital to discuss their current situation. Tension was growing higher, and war was almost inevitable. Just 4 months ago, the great Tatsu had accidentally murdered a Cedar Fair general at their capital, Cedar Point, in a mandatory test flight. The warriors of the Point claimed Tatsu was only getting revenge for the Colossus incident a few years back. However, the flying beast defended himself.

“I may be a warrior, but I only fight for peace. I am not one to provoke tension. You have done that yourselves.” he had said at the hearings.

Tatsu had been set free the following morning, and had regained his spot in the High Council. He currently stood on his perch, observing the meeting from above.

“Alright everyone! Let’s begin.” the prototype cyborg, X2, voiced to the others. “Emperor Cyclone, have you prepared your statement?”

“Yes sir.” Wicked Cyclone, the emperor of New England, rose out of his seat. “I know we are all in fear of the war that is to come, but we must still remain vigilant. My army, along with La Ronde’s and Great Escape’s, have set up a blockade around the northeast. There will be no attacks from Dorney, at least at our parks.”

“But what about here? Or the Kingdom to the north?” shouted Goliath. “We have no permanent defense! We know this from the Colossus attacks!”

“Do not worry about the attacks.” pronounced the recently revived Twisted Colossus. “We will be ready if the enemy decides to strike-”

But they weren’t ready. Before Colossus could finish his words, an explosion could be heard towards the main gates. The council turned to see the Cedar army entering the park, seemingly prepared for a fight.

. . . . .

“Air force ranks, take the Steampunk District! Search for the council!” Maverick shouted. He watched as Raptor, Talon, Valravn, and the others took to the sky. A small smirk crept across his face. Lieutenant Maverick was a man of simple tastes. He enjoyed being quicker than others. He enjoyed his old cowboy hat, and his various blades and other sharp objects. And he most certainly enjoyed winning a fight. Only he was brave enough to stand up to Captain Millie, and it earned him a great amount of respect. Most even said he was the best warrior at The Point. There was only one thing he enjoyed more than being ahead of Millie: Being ahead of the guys at Magic Mountain. He didn’t hate any of the warriors there. Most of them had been good friends to him (with the exception of the sly and stubborn Viper). Instead, he hated the idea of Magic Mountain being better than his home, Cedar Point. It was a disagreement that had been undecided for many years. The question of who was better had bugged him for just as long. Now, with the murder of General Streak, Maverick could finally get the answer he wanted.

. . . . .

Commander Throttle flew down the pathways, speeding to the front gate. Being one of the fastest warriors at the mountain, he knew he would have to be the first line of defense. He ignited into a launch, and doubled his speed. Just a little bit further-SMACK! Something…someone had slammed into Throttle at full speed. Only one man could leave that much of an acceleration impact on him….

“Well, well, well. Commander Throttle. The Full Throttle.” Maverick grinned as Throttle turned to face him.

“Maverick…how’s it goin?” Throttle responded. Before Maverick was allowed to answer, Throttle quickly threw a punch at him. He blocked it with ease.

“Come on, kid. You gotta be a little quicker than that to-”

Throttle smashed his robotic fist into Maverick’s jaw, the impact knocking his hat right off his head. He stumbled back, trying to collect himself.

“Not bad. You’re gonna have to catch me if you want to land any more of those stingers though.” Maverick smirked, pulling a knife out of his back pocket. He sped off up the hill, and was soon out of sight.

“He’s heading towards the council. He’s gonna kill them all…” Throttle thought, and quickly sped off to catch him…

Coming Soon: Part 2 – Maverick and Goliath

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