War of Coasters: Part 3 – Response

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” – George Bernard Shaw

Part 3 – Response

Discovery Kingdom – 2 Hours After the Attack on Magic Mountain

As soon as Medusa received word that the High Council was under attack, she immediately began to round up her strongest warriors. Because Discovery Kingdom was the closest to The Mountain, she knew that they would have to be the first to respond. Moving as quickly and valiantly as possible, Medusa, along with Kong and Velocity, rushed to the exit of the kingdom.

“Do you know who attacked them?” Kong roared, leaping from tree to tree.

“They didn’t say. My bets are on Cedar Fair. Anything else would’ve been easily put down.” Medusa snapped back at him, trying to focus on the task at hand.

The relationship between the members of the kingdom had always been quite tense. Their previous ruler, Emperor Roar, had always been there to keep everyone calm. However, once he was killed in battle, Medusa had been forced to step up and rule. She found this extremely frustrating, as she hated telling other’s what to do. Not because she didn’t enjoy ruling the kingdom, but because she found her subjects to be irritating. Medusa thought her time could be better spent doing things alone. Instead she had to lead.

The team bolted out the gates, and began their journey south. It would take over a day to get to Magic Mountain on foot, but it was their only option. They had no form of air transport to board, and any other vehicle would attract too much attention. In addition to this, Medusa knew that they would have to pass through the realm of California’s Great America, which was ruled by the Cedar Fair Army. They had been the rivals of the kingdom for years, and had already fought against them numerous times. They were the ones who killed Roar…

. . . . .

California’s Great America – 3 Hours After the Attack on Magic Mountain

Gold Striker entered the initiation chamber. He waved his palm in front of the auto-scan to confirm his identity, and stepped forward into the elevator. It took him down to the basement level. He exited, and walked up to the alter. A hologram of a man appeared before him.

“I suppose you already know what has happened.” The man asked. Striker nodded.

“Yes, my lord. I have heard about the attacks. How would you like my regiment to proceed?” he asked the man.

“Hm…has their been any movement at the Kingdom?”

“No sir. None that we know of yet.”

“Good. Then they must still be in the dark.” the man grinned. “We must strike them now, while they least expect it. Has professor Vortex finished the weapon he was testing?”

“I believe so…” Striker said, hesitantly. “But it’s still in beta. It hasn’t been tested on actual life forms yet.”

“So this is the perfect opportunity. Tell the professor t0 have it armed and ready. I want to be notified once the test has been finished.”

“Yes, my lord.” Gold Striker sighed. As the figure faded from his view, he immediately sent this message to Vortex:

Professor, this is Striker. We’ve received orders to use the Great Destructor on
Discovery Kingdom. Lock onto its coordinates. Let me know when its ready.

. . . . .

Around noon, Medusa and the others stepped onto California’s Great America Soil. The land, for the most part, looked good. New improvements were in the works, and the park seemed to have a bright future…as long as it wasn’t affected from the war. Medusa, Kong, and Velocity all truly hated the place, and sincerely hoped that it would be destroyed in battle. As they approached the entrance gates, Kong noticed a large mechanical structure perched on top of the Carousel Columbia. As he looked closer, he noticed some sort of pointed, metal creation attached to the structure.

It was a missile

“Medusa!” cried Kong. “They have some sort of weapon on the carousel! It’s directed towards home base!”

Medusa looked up and saw the missile. It was one of the largest she had ever seen, and was definitely pointing in the direction of the Kingdom.

“My God…” she muttered. “Okay. We can’t just ignore that.”

“But we gotta keep moving! The council needs us!” shouted Kong. Medusa ignored him, and ran through the gate. He looked at Velocity, who shrugged, and ran after her. Then he shook his head, and followed them into the base…

Coming Soon: Part 4 – The Fall of a Kingdom

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