War of Coasters: Part 4 – The Fall of a Kingdom

“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Part 4 – The Fall of a Kingdom

California’s Great America

As Vortex powered on The Great Destructor, Medusa and the others raced to the double decker carrousel. Once they arrived, Velocity climbed up to the second level. Using his superior technological abilities, he attempted to shut down the weapon. Before he could access the kill code, Vortex attacked him from behind, and threw him off the carrousel.

“You won’t be able to stop this. The war was your fault. It is only right that you pay for it.” he shouted at Velocity. When there was no response, Vortex shrugged, and continued to operate the machine.

Meanwhile, Medusa and Kong had also been stopped by three of their other foes: Grizzly, Demon, and the Psycho Mouse. As the battle commenced, Kong and Grizzly began to rip each other apart. Animal hair blew in the wind, and a pool of blood began to form. The mouse also joined in, and stabbed Kong in the back with a knife. It laughed hysterically as he roared in pain, and ripped the blade out of his back. He then hurled it towards the mouse, ending his crazed laughter. Medusa then took out a longsword, and began to combat the Demon. It was twice her size, but no match for her ability to fight with a blade. She shredded his dark, scaly skin, and then swiftly severed his head. Before she could catch her breath, Grizzly leaped on top of her. It bit off one of her hissing snake heads. Medusa knew she would have to use her “special gift” to defeat him. She opened her eyes, and stared straight at Grizzly. Before it knew what was happening, its body had turned to stone. Medusa rolled the statue over, and it shattered to bits.

“Kong? Are you okay?” she said, while getting up. She turned around to see him lying on the ground. The poor gorilla’s body had suffered too many battle wounds, and had seemingly given up. Refusing to show any emotion, Medusa turned around, and continued up to the top of the carrousel. When she arrived, one more foe stood between her and Vortex: Medusa’s legendary rival and enemy, Gold Striker. He was a young, strong man capable of making even the mightiest of warriors flinch…and he was the one who had taken Roar’s life all those years ago.

“Well, well, well. Striker! It’s SUCH a pleasure to see you again!” Medusa sneered, trying not to show any fear of him.

“Medusa. Why must you act this way? This war is not our fault! It isn’t just…Six Flags vs. Cedar Fair. The sides aren’t that simple!” Striker said, his eyes pleading for her understanding.

“After what you did…sides don’t matter. It comes down to me and you. The Kingdom…and this godforsaken hell hole you call home.”

“Medusa, it’s not-”

Before Striker could respond, Medusa glared into his eyes. His body began to turn to stone. It started at his feet, and gradually crept up his legs. His eyes met hers one last time, before he was completely paralyzed. Medusa pushed past him, and headed towards the weapon. Vortex realized he had no other defense, and began to panic. He typed in the launch code, and reached to hit the fire button. Just as he laid his finger on it, Medusa grabbed him, and slammed his body against the machine.

“You really thought you’d destroy my home? You were that idiotic?” She said, her snake heads hissing at him in unison.

“I-I-I didn’t think w-we would…” he stuttered. “But it…it turns out w-we succeeded.”

With his last bit of strength, Vortex whipped his arm back, and smacked the button. Medusa drew her sword quickly, driving it through his chest…

…but she was too late. The missile detached from the platform, and shot off into the horizon. Medusa pulled out her sword, and hung her head in defeat.

. . . . .

An Unknown Location – 4 Hours After the Attack on Magic Mountain

After his brief conference with Gold Striker, the shady figure emerged from an obscure cavern hidden in the middle of a canyon. He climbed up the eroded cliff, and headed for his parks council. As he arrived, he stopped for a moment to reflect on his actions. Then a disturbing grin crept across his face.

He thoroughly enjoyed making others suffer. Especially those who didn’t expect an ally as their enemy…

. . . . .

Coming Soon: Part 5 – Counter Strike

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