My Semi-Maybe-Sort of-Possibly-Hopefully-Confirmed Theme Park Plans for 2017 (Updated 6/16/17)

Throughout 2017, I’ve updated this page to include or remove a number of different theme park trips. Most of them revolved around my Spring Break in April, which was already quite a while ago. Therefor, I figured I should update this page to give a rough estimate of what trips might happen for the rest of 2017. Keep in mind: everything is subject to change. I wouldn’t be surprised if more than half these plans change, if not all of them.

So far, I’ve visited 4 parks this year. Back in April I visited Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Pacific Park on my California Spring Break trip. I’ve also been to Six Flags Great America (my home park) 3 times so far this year; once in May, twice in June. So what’s next?


  • Six Flags America – Part of a Washington D.C. trip
    • We might also tack on a drive to Charlotte, North Carolina, which would allow us to visit Carowinds. For now, it’ll probably just be D.C.
  • Santa’s Village Azoosment Park
    • This small park in East Dundee, IL is only about an hour away from home. They also just opened their new for 2017 coaster Super Cyclone back in May. I’ll definitely visit sometime this summer, hopefully in July.
  • Six Flags Great America
    • Odds are I’ll be back at my home park at least once in July.
  • Bay Beach
    • This small amusement park in Green Bay is home to a wooden coaster known as the Zippin Pippin. We pass it whenever we head up to Northern Wisconsin, but have never actually stopped to ride it. Hopefully this will be the year.


  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld San Antonio – Part of a Texas trip
    • We have some colleges to check out in Texas, and hopefully we’ll have time to visit some theme parks while we’re down there.
  • (Empty Theme Park Slot)
    • We’ll probably be able to visit another semi-local theme park in August, but I don’t know which one. Some possible contenders are Holiday World, Indiana Beach, King’s Island, Kentucky Kingdom, or Mt. Olympus.

September and Beyond

I’ll be sure to add my Fall theme park plans once it gets closer to the season. Hopefully a trip to the house of mouse will be involved!


. . . . .

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Thanks for Reading!





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