War of Coasters: Part 5 – Counter-Strike

Part 5 – Counter-Strike

Magic Mountain – Moments Before Discovery Kingdom is Obliterated

Maverick crept throughout the halls of the council. After an hour of searching, he was unable to uncover any sign of the council members. He shook his head, and began to trek back down the summit. The stone pathway he followed had grown worn and rustic. Typical grounds keeping for the warriors-


Before he knew what hit him, Maverick was contained in a net, and had a sharp, throbbing pain in his forehead. His eyes slowly glanced down at the rope tied to his leg, which led to the ancient hands of a Council Elder. It was the legendary Twisted Colossus. Seventeen of the other council members stood behind him, all sharing the same smirk on their faces.

“Wow. Well Maverick, I must say. It ain’t like you to go into uncharted territory without checkin’ for traps.” Colossus said, a sly grin creeping across his face.

“Didn’t think you’d be intelligent enough to assemble any-”

Colossus kicked Maverick in the gut, shutting him up.

“For Christ’s sake! You’re in a goddamn net! Don’t even try to turn to this into some contest of intelligence!”

“Afraid you’d lose?” Maverick questioned sarcastically.

Anger shot through Colossus’s eyes. He grabbed a sword from another warrior, and pointed it directly at Maverick’s head.

“I’m done with this. Any last words you sly bastard?” Colossus commanded, gripping the sword’s hilt with two hands. He lifted it above his head, ready to drive it into the cowboy’s neck. Maverick’s gaze drifted from his impending doom, to a tiny black spec shooting across the sky. It was barely visible, but Maverick knew what it was.

“You see that?” he asked Colossus, who turned around to look up at the sky. He squinted towards the spec, and gasped when he realized what it was.

“My lord…that’s a missile! I think it might be heading for us!”

The missile was not shooting at them, however. Within seconds, a large explosion could be heard coming from the far north, where Discovery Kingdom lied. The council members immediately realized where it had hit, and the summit erupted into chaos. Maverick used this moment of distraction as a chance to escape, and cut away the net with a knife he kept hidden in his boot. He quickly slipped out of captivity, and bolted down the rest of the pathway to the exit of the park. As he arrived at the gate, he sent a message over radio to the other generals of the army.

Maverick here. A missile was launched and exploded in the north. We don’t know who fired it, or who it hit. Call your forces back, and retreat to our camp at Knott’s. we’ve done enough here already. 10-4.”

. . . . .

24 Hours After the Attacks on Magic Mountain and Discovery Kingdom

After soaking up the terror of the previous day, the Council of Six Flags reunited with each other at the top of Samurai Summit. Only 22 of the 24 members were present; Commander Throttle was in critical condition, and Goliath was dead. The remaining warriors had decided to form a 1o man strike team, which would make a long, rough journey to combat the Cedar Fair Army. The team was hand-picked by none other than Colossus, who would fill one spot of the 10. The other team members consisted of Medusa (who selflessly volunteered) from the destroyed Discovery Kingdom, Scream from Magic Mountain, Iron Rattler from Fiesta Texas, Titan from Over Texas, the X-Flight Commander from Great America, Mr. Boss from St. Louis, Scorcher from Over Georgia, Nitro from Great Adventure, and finally the old, but wise Thunderbolt from New England. Together, the selected warriors would be tasked with traveling cross-country to the realm of Cedar Point.

Once at The Point, the team would hopefully be able to generate a counter-attack on the Cedar Fair Army’s central base. That would take a huge chunk of power out of their army, and hopefully begin to end the war. If the attack failed, though, the consequences could be disastrous…

The Chosen 10 made their way to the gates, as the other warriors and citizens of The Mountain followed. They each made their parting statements, and wished the rest of the council the best of luck. Colossus rounded out the speeches with a statement about honor and victory, which was met with enthusiastic cheers and thunderous applause. Then, when everything was said and done, the team marched out of the gates, and began their treacherous quest for revenge. Once they were out of sight, the people of the mountain continued the task of cleaning up the rubble and destruction from the previous day. The council members spoke some final words, and then parted ways. All except Wicked Cyclone and X2, who stopped a moment to converse.

“So they’re off doing their thing now. Colossus is gone. What do the rest of us do?” Cyclone questioned.

“I think we all know who the next target is.” X2 smirked. “I mean, those 10 might be heading out east, but they ain’t gonna hit up the one park that’s probably sheltering a bulk of the people that attacked us.”

“…You’re talking about Knott’s.” Cyclone realized.

“Precisely. I’m sure that’s where Maverick and his forces retreated to. It’s time we get in on this ‘War of Coasters’ ourselves, wouldn’t-cha say?”

“Yea. Couldn’t agree more. When do we attack?”

“I say 2 weeks. That should buy us enough time to strategize, ya know?” X2 grinned, his mechanical, silver teeth beginning to show.

“Alright. I’ll notify the council and start preparing the warriors. Let’s go to war!”

Wicked Cyclone hurried away, leaving X2 to stand and ponder the situation.

War.” he thought. “…Let’s go to war.

. . . . .

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