Six Flags Great America Trip Report – May 2017

On Saturday, May 13th, some friends and I went to Six Flags Great America for our first visit of 2017! Our main reason for going was to try out the new Drop of Doom VR before it ended later this month, but we were able to get on a substantial number of other rides too! Here’s a run through of our day:

It’s great to be back!

When we arrived at about 10:15, there were already tons of guests piling up at the entrance. It was looking to be a pretty crowded day. Luckily, the staff did a great job of filtering people through the gates, and we made it in the park by opening time at 10:30!

Anyone else confused as to why there are 8 flags instead of 6?

We decided that we would ride Goliath first. This allowed me to walk past the The Joker and take some pictures.

A bit out of sequence, but this picture I took of Joker while waiting for the rapids ride is probably my favorite picture I took that day!
Even if it’s a clone, I’m still very excited to ride this when we come back in June!
Station is coming together, but it still needs some work. Hopefully it’s ready in time for opening…

We waited about 20 minutes for Goliath. The ride actually broke down while we were waiting, otherwise it would’ve only been a station wait. The ride was running pretty good though. It felt a little slower than usual, but maybe that was just because it was still the beginning of the season.

It’s such a badass looking ride. Nothing quite like it!

After Goliath, we went to my personal favorite ride of the park: X-Flight. It was so nice to get back on the only wing coaster I’ve ever ridden. The inline twist at the end is still one of my favorite inversions to this date.

X-Flight recruits! Report to the…X-Flight tower….or something. I can’t really remember what the guy says in the station…
More inline twist goodness!
2nd favorite picture of the day, but I can’t quite figure out why…

Following X-Flight, we rode both Raging Bull and X-Flight. Unfortunately, both coasters seemed to be running a little sluggish that day. They were still fun, but Bull seemed to have a bit more of a rattle than usual, and Viper…well, it’s just not as fun in the front as it is in the back.

I’ve found myself comparing Raging Bull to Goliath at Magic Mountain now, and I must say Bull’s overbank is far better than the Giovinolla knockoff. However, Magic Mountain’s Goliath wins at just about everything else. (except the midcourse break run of course)
Even the roughest ride in the park is still a good coaster!
Six Flags’ theming at its best, folks.

Once we were done eating, we took a break from coasters and go ride some of the park’s water rides. We had never been on the Roaring Rapids before, so we decided to head to that first. I didn’t expect it to be an absolute soaker like Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but boy was I wrong. By the time we got off the ride we were dripping wet. Combine that with a humungous splash on Logger’s Run, and it was going to take a while for us to dry off completely. They were both very fun rides though!

I need to remember to not wear kakis next time I ride this…

After the two water rides, it was time to go ride the Drop of Doom (or so we thought). We walked up to the entrance of the drop tower, and were greeted with an employee handing out ride reservation times. She gave us each a ticket, and told us to come back at 5 to 6. It was only 3 o’clock, so we some time to kill…

I really hope Six Flags implements the reservation system for VR rides at other parks. It reduced the wait time to 15 minutes, which is the shortest I’ve ever seen for VR on a ride.

We decided to head into the Mardi Gras section of the park to ride The Dark Knight and Superman: Ultimate Flight. We only had to wait about 30 minutes to get on TDK, which was the shortest wait I’ve ever seen for that ride. I’m sure it has lower wait times at the beginning of the day, but filtering riders through quickly and efficiently isn’t exactly The Dark Knight’s strong suit.

Such an awesome façade. I like how they painted on the clouds to make it seem like there is an actual reflection.

It was finally time to ride what we had all been waiting for: The Drop of Doom VR on Giant Drop. We made it the drop tower just after 5, and handed our reservation tickets to the staff at the entrance. Within 20 minutes we were strapped into our VR headsets and restraints, and heading up the 227 ft. tower. The experience was short, but relatively unique and enjoyable. Like JB’s Sports Bar, I’ll write a more in depth review on Drop of Doom later on.

Get attacked by futuristic space spiders while riding on a helicopter on Drop of Doom, only in the wild west themed Southwest Territory.

After Drop of Doom, we managed to get on American Eagle, Demon, and Whizzer before the park closed at 7:30. Even though it was a very early closing time for a Saturday, we still managed to get on every major coaster except V2 and Batman. Combine that with the fact that we rode the drop tower and two water rides, and I’d say we had a pretty successful day at Six Flags Great America!

Obviously this trip report wasn’t as long as some of our others, but don’t worry. We’ll be back at Great America in June to ride The Joker, and I’ll definitely be writing another report about that day!


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