TRIP REPORT: Six Flags New England – August 2017


On August 9th, 2017, my family and I went to Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA. We left our home in Albany at 8:30, and then took the Thruway and the Pike all the way to the park. We got to the park at about 10:20, and walked over the bridge to the main gate. We scanned our season passes, and walked in.

It’s actually quite fascinating that you have to walk over a road to get the park’s entrance. Makes it a little more unique!

The first ride of the day was Pandemonium, the park’s Gerstlauer Spinning coaster. Normally the line can get up to a 90 minute wait, but due to us making a b-line to the attraction right away, we got on in only 10 minutes!

In the queue for Pandemonium! A glimpse of Wicked Cyclone can be seen in the background.

After that we hit up Blizzard River, the parks only water ride. The major downside to this attraction is that the bins on the platform were taken, so the only option was to use lockers, or take our bags with us. We did the latter.

We then made our way to Six Flags’ Free water park, Hurricane Harbor. I didn’t take any photos however, because I want to respect everyone’s privacy. We spent our time in the Adventure River, riding water slides, and having fun in the wave pool.

Once we finished our time in Hurricane Harbor, we went to the Crime Wave, my younger brother’s favorite ride at the park. We skipped Mind Eraser or Batman, because no one else wanted to ride them.

Crime Wave

We got slushies and milkshakes for a snack, and then made it down to the DC area to ride Kryptonite Kolider, Gotham City Gauntlet, and Catwoman’s Whip.

That day I also got a new credit! For the first time, I rode Flashback, the parks Vekoma Boomerang. I’m going to sound all GP here, but I actually I kind of liked it! Yes, it was my first boomerang, but I would definitely ride it again if I was in that area of the park and it had a short line.

What’s that hiding behind those trees? Oh, it’s a Vekoma Boomerang.

We wrapped up our day by eating dinner at JB’s Smokehouse BBQ in the Crack-axle Canyon area of the park. The restaurant didn’t really feel like a Six Flags Eatery (a good thing), and it also had my personal favorite soda machine, Coca Cola Freestyle! Finally, we rode our last ride of the day, Houdini’s Great Escape. This Vekoma Madhouse is one of the most creative rides at the park, and a rarity in the Six Flags Chain. If you visit Six Flags New England (Or Six Flags Great Adventure), I highly recommend riding this.

JB’s Smoke House Barbecue Exterior


JB’s Smoke House Barbecue Interior
A Poster for Houdini’s Great Escape

Oh, and here are some extra pictures of Superman: The Ride, as a little bonus.

. . . . .

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