2019 Theme Park Predictions and Announcements

2018 is finally here, and almost every theme park has announced their plans for new additions coming this year. That means it’s already time to start speculating on what 2019 will bring us!

Similarly to last year, what I’ve created here is a list of my predictions for what new attractions we’ll see at different North American theme parks in 2019. Keep in mind, all of these predictions are a mere combination of guessing and hoping. Even though I think something is going to happen next year, doesn’t mean it actually will.

As the year goes on, I’ll be sure to update this page with new predictions/announcements for new attractions at all of the parks. It will constantly be evolving, so be sure to check back once and a while for new updates and information.

So without further ado, let’s kick off these predictions with Six Flags.


Magic Mountain – CONFIRMED! West Coast Racers, a Premier Rides Mobius-loop launch coaster. The ride will feature two 55 mph launches and 4 inversions (3 zero G rolls and 1 zero G stall). West Coast Racers will also have 30 total interactions between both trains, including a high five element similar to Twisted Colossus.

Great Adventure – CONFIRMED! Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, the world’s tallest pendulum ride. It will stand 172 feet tall and reach speeds up to 75 mph. Six Flags previously built the world’s tallest pendulum at Magic Mountain in 2018, so this ride will break their own record.

Great America – CONFIRMED! Maxx Force, a record breaking launch coaster. The ride will feature the fastest acceleration ever with a 0-78 mph in less than 2 seconds.

Discovery Kingdom – CONFIRMED! Batman: The Ride, a 4D Free Spin Coaster. This coaster is a clone of the other 4D Free Spins that Six Flags has brought to it’s parks over the years. The ride will unpredictably flip riders over various hills and 2 raven turns. This will also be the 3rd coaster Discovery Kingdom has received in the past 4 years.

St. Louis – CONFIRMED! Supergirl, a spinning flat ride built by Zamperla. Riders will be tilted from right side up to sideways, and rise up about 7 stories high.

La Ronde – CONFIRMED! Chaos, a Larson Super Loop flat ride. This is your average run-of-the-mill super loop, and I’m honestly surprised La Ronde hasn’t gotten until now.

Mexico – CONFIRMED! Bugs Bunny Boom Town and DC Super Friends, which are two kids areas featuring what seems to be a total of 7-8 kiddie rides.

New England – CONFIRMED! Cyborg, a Chance Freestyle spinning flat ride themed to the popular DC character Cyborg.

America – CONFIRMED! Fire Bird, a floorless conversion of the B&M Stand Up Coaster Apocalypse. It will feature the same layout as Apocalypse, including its two inversions.

Over Georgia – CONFIRMED! Pandemonium, a pendulum ride that will reach 15 stories and 70 mph.

Over Texas – CONFIRMED! Lone Star Revolution, the world’s largest Larson Super Loop. Six Flags already held this record at Six Flags Great America with Mardi Gras Hangover, and it is unclear if Lone Star will be the same size or larger.

Fiesta Texas – CONFIRMED! Joker: Wild Card, one of the world’s tallest pendulum rides. Standing 172 feet tall and reaching 75 mph, this is the same as Wonder Woman at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Great Escape – CONFIRMED! Bucket Blasters, a small water ride designed to let guests spray each other with water.

Frontier City – CONFIRMED! Timber Town, a new kids area with a selection of family and kiddie rides including what seems to be a kiddie coaster.

Darien Lake – CONFIRMED! Six Flags Sky Screamer, a sky screamer flat ride attraction that will be the tallest ride in all of New York.


Cedar Point – CONFIRMED! Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island, a new attraction that will replace the Dinosaur’s Alive walkthrough area. Not much is known about what kind of attraction this will be, but there are hints that it will be very interactive.

King’s Island – CONFIRMED! Antique Cars, a family ride in which riders board Ford Model T’s that travel along a quarter mile long track. The ride was originally closed in 2004, and is now being brought back for future enjoyment.

King’s Dominion – After Twisted Timbers, King’s Dominion will definitely be getting the short end of the stick in 2019. Probably similar to what King’s Island is getting this year….which is practically nothing.

Carowinds – CONFIRMED! Copperhead Strike, a Mack Rides double launch coaster. The ride will feature 5 inversions, including a Jojo roll out of the station, two vertical loops, a corkscrew, and an inverted top hat.

California’s Great America – After Railblazer, this park will also probably be taking the backseat in 2019. Similar to Cedar Point, I think we’ll see more of a focus on the resort as a whole, especially since we know a shopping district is in this park’s future.

Canada’s Wonderland – CONFIRMED! Yukon Striker, the world’s tallest dive coaster. Manufactured by B&M, this coaster will feature 4 inversions and a top speed of 80 mph.

Knott’s Berry Farm – Knott’s is a well-themed park that is low on space. Whenever they want to add something, they usually have to remove something else. After recieving Hangtime, they definitely won’t be getting a new coaster in 2019. Their addition will probably be a new family attraction. I would love to see them add to their awesome dark ride lineup to compete with Disneyland.

Dorney Park – Dorney kind of got ripped off in 2018, will their only addition being a new restaurant. The park also unexpectedly closed Stinger, their Vekoma Inverted Boomerang. Hopefully that means something good will come in 2019. I’m not quite convinced on the idea of them getting a new coaster, but I guess anything is possible.

World’s of Fun – This park has a ton of space to work with, so they could add practically anything if they wanted to. That said, I don’t think Cedar Fair wants to add anything big to this park anytime soon. They’ll probably just get another flat ride. Maybe a Larson Looper?

Valleyfair – Honestly, I think 2019 will be Valleyfair’s year. I predict that they will tear down Excalibur in late summer 2018 to make way for a new coaster. Specifically, I think another RMC raptor would work great here.

Michigan’s Adventure – lol

. . . . .

Thanks for Reading!

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    • Very true! Don’t know why I didn’t realize that it cancels out. Stupid mistake. Now that I’m thinking about it though, I feel like Six Flags would rather hit that 20th milestone than remove Viper and stay at 19. Maybe they’ll leave it alone and add a new coaster with a smaller footprint somewhere else…


  1. Idk how much info this can really reveal but I’m a SF St Louis season pass holder so I get surveys. I got one the other day asking my opinion about ride names and it was very focused on the name MAXXX FORCE and kept asking me which name I thought worked with a coaster that broke records for inversion speed and launch speeds.


    • That could reveal a ton of info! I wasn’t expected St. Louis to get anything crazy, but they really do deserve a new coaster. Do you have a picture of the survey at all?


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