PARK GUIDE: 2018 Unofficial Guide to Six Flags New England Theme & Water Park in Agawam, Massachusetts

Six Flags New England is the second closest Six Flags park to me, after The Great Escape in Upstate New YorkAs a follow up to my Unofficial Guide to The Great Escape, here is my 2018 Guide to Six Flags New England.

How to Get There

Six Flags New England is somewhat difficult to get to. Originally being a picnic grove for Steamboats, it wasn’t made with the Eisenhower Interstate in mind. The closest Interstate exit is in North Agawam, MA. To get there from Boston, Albany, or any town/city off of Massachusetts Turnpike & I-90, you will need to drive into the City Of Springfield or West Springfield and from Hartford. Next, you will need to take Exit 47E Suffield and then head down Main Street. The park is located less than a minute from the Connecticut/Massachusetts border.

As for Metros, the closest stations are in Springfield/Holyoke/Chicopee, Hartford, New Haven, Providence, and Boston.

Staying the Night

The Six Flags website recommends staying at the Comfort Inn, West Springfield, Hampton Inn, W. Springfield, or Holiday Inn Springfield. I have never stayed at these resorts due to living an hour and a half away from the park, so I recommend checking TripAdvisor for hotels in the area if these selections don’t suit your needs.

Rides and Attractions

Six Flags New England has a variety of attractions for everyone. Currently, the most popular roller coasters are Superman: The Ride, Wicked Cyclone, and The Joker. The park also features 3 coasters built by Vekoma: an SLC (Mind Eraser), a Boomerang (Flashback), and a Giant Inverted Boomerang (Goliath). They also have Batman: The Ride, a pretty underrated B&M floorless coaster. The park has 12 coasters total.

New for 2018 is Harley Quinn Spinsanity, a pendulum ride that will swing riders back and forth at speeds of nearly 70 mph. The park also offers a number of other flat rides such as Fireball (A Larson Super Loop), Scream (A Drop Tower), and the New England Sky Screamer (The worlds tallest sky screamer, sitting at 400 feet).

The park also has Hurricane Harbor, a free included Water Park for all guests. The Waterpark offers a wave pool, 2 lazy rivers, 12 Waterslides, and many food and drink stands.


Six Flags New England (Main Season)

Six Flags New England’s food is mediocre at best. Then again, you don’t come here for the food. The two eating establishments I recommend are JB’s Smokehouse and Take Six.  If you don’t mind a long walk back to your car, I would also recommend going to a pizza restaurant known as Nicky’s Pizza, which is 5 minutes from the park.

Hurricane Harbor Waterpark

The water park’s food is generally the same quality as what the main park offers. When I go to the water park, I usually get a wrap for lunch and ice cream for a snack.

Holiday in the Park

Six Flags New England’s Holiday in the Park event has surprisingly great food. Six Bellow on Main Street has a lot of fun festive food that really does taste delicious. The main cafe has grinders and winter foods. However, do NOT go to Take Six, unless you want to spend a good amount of money on an awful turkey dinner. Even if you have a dining plan, it will still cost you and extra two dollars.

Operating Season

As previously stated, Six Flags New England is located outside of Springfield, MA in Agawam. The park’s Southern Massachusetts location provides a longer season than most Northeastern parks. The Main Season is from April to September, Fright Fest carries from September to October, and Holiday in the Park goes into December. Bad weather may cause the season to end early, which is what happened in 2017. I recommend visiting the park Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in the summer, as crowds will not be as bad as they are on a weekend.

Other attractions in the area

Six Flags New England is located in Massachusetts a state rich in History and Culture. There are many sites to see in Western Massachusetts and the Berkshires. Here are some nearby attractions. In nearby Springfield, there is the Basketball Hall of Fame, 5 minutes away from the park. Go a little north to South Deerfield resides the Yankee Candle Village. The flagship for the Yankee Candle Company. Go a little west to the Berkshires, You reach Amherst. Home of the Eric Carle Museum of Picture and Art. If you continue west you reach Lee Premium Outlets. A major shopping center for Massachusetts. Home to national chains like Ann Taylor LOFT, Aeropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, PacSun, Brooks Brothers, Nike Factory Outlet, Lacoste and many more. The Norman Rockwell Museum is also in the area. And I haven’t even touched on Eastern Massachusetts and Southern Connecticut. Links to Massachusetts and Connecticut tourism sites are down below.

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