Mardi Gras Hangover Review – It’s a Super Loop

Back in 2017, Six Flags announced that my home park, Six Flags Great America, would be receiving Mardi Gras Hangover, the world’s largest Larson super loop.

This made me very, very excited. Way more excited than any human being should ever be for a super loop.

For the next few months, my brother and I, as well as website corespondent Drake Miller, spent a lot of time with each other talking about how badly we wanted to ride the loop, as well as jokingly declaring that it would be “the best coaster at Great America” (it’s not really a coaster). We also drew lots and lots of circles in all of the snaps and texts we sent to each other, and were constantly pointing out anything that looked remotely close to the shape of a loop. Needless to say, we were very excited for a ride that would normally be considered average.

One of the many, many red circle pictures we took. I believe this was a few weeks after the loop was announced, when they were still using #chasethestorm to tease the ride.

Mardi Gras Hangover opened on Memorial Day Weekend, and I finally got around to riding it in June. Here are my thoughts on the latest attraction to come to Six Flags Great America:

Aaand here’s a picture of the loop being built, because I was being lazy and forgot to take pictures the day we rode it. My bad.

Let’s be honest. This ride sucks. There’s at least a tiny bit of fun to be had while riding, but for the most part Mardi Gras Hangover is a boring one-trick pony that barely improves Great America’s flat ride lineup. I’ll dissect this ride into a simple numbered list so you can understand why it’s so mediocre:

1. Bad Operations – Great America tends to have good ops, but Hangover is an exception. For rides without specific rows to enter a car, a park should always do assigned seating. This isn’t the case for the loop. Instead, Six Flags allows guests to scramble onto the ride and choose their seats on their own. This means that the last people to board might be stuck with random seats, and certain parties will have to separate from each other. This is very annoying when you want to ride with your group of friends, and really detracts from the overall experience.

2. We Have Enough Loops – I still wish Great America would’ve added a Skywarp instead. Not because it’s technically a coaster, but because it would’ve added a relatively unique element (yes, I know Goliath has a Dive loop, but a Skywarp has two!). With Hangover, you get to experience the most basic inversion ever created: a vertical loop. There’s already rides that have vertical loops in the park. Batman has two. Demon has two. Superman has a pretzel loop, which is sort of like an awkward, reversed vertical loop. Sure, on Hangover you get to experience a loop like 7 times in a row, but I’d rather have quality over quantity.

3. My Head Hurts – Yes, my head hurts now from just thinking about how boring this ride is, but it also hurt while I was riding the damned contraption. Sure, some masochists might be thrilled by hanging upside down for an extended period of time while all of their blood rushes to their head, but I am not a masochist. I prefer to have fun on rides, instead of feeling pain on them. Maybe that’s just me though.

To be honest, that’s all I can think of to complain about. The ride was so short and uneventful that I feel like there’s nothing else to even form an opinion on (minus the ugly paint color). Mardi Gras Hangover is really just another unmemorable ride that will slowly fade into the background of Great America’s lineup as time goes on. The whole “largest loop” thing is a gimmick, and you can find the exact same experience at any other park with a regular super loop. If you only have a day at Great America, don’t waste your time riding something as boring as Mardi Gras Hangover.

Final Score: 3/10


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  1. Thanks for the review man, I have to agree that SFGAm adding a Larson Super Loop and calling it a coaster is just about the dumbest thing ever. I would’ve rather they kept their ‘King Chaos’ Top Spin, at least that was sorta fun.

    BTW, I know you mentioned the hopes of a Skywarp attraction like what SFDK is adding this year with Harley Quinn. This park made a HUGE land clearing between Whizzer and the front gate after demolishing the old Pictorium building….my guess is a giant flat ride like Cyborg Spin at SFGAdv, and maybe another ride in 2019.


    1. Yup, I know about the clearing. SFGAm is my home park 🙂 A cyborg spin-like ride would be awesome, but my money is on a hurricane harbor expansion. They could use a water coaster!


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