Racer (Mini) Review – PTC Dueling Wooden Coaster at King’s Island – September 2018

King’s Island seems to be the land of rough coasters. This is no exception with Racer. The layout is decent, with seemingly countless airtime hills that really throw you out of your seat. The dueling aspect of the coaster is also a nice touch, because screaming at another train of riders is always fun. That said, neither the layout nor the dueling can be fully enjoyed because the ride is so unbelievably rough. Sometimes roughness can be a good thing on a wooden coaster, but not in Racer’s case.


Drop: 4/10

Intensity: 5/10

Inversions: N/A

Smoothness: 2/10

Pacing: 5/10

Layout: 6/10

Restraints: 4/10

Theming: 1/10

Final Score: 4/10

. . . . .

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