Vortex (Mini) Review – Arrow Custom Looping Coaster at King’s Island – October 2018

Vortex is an Arrow custom looping coaster that, like a lot of coasters at King’s Island, is unbearably rough. The saving grace here is that there isn’t a crazy amount of head banging during the inversions. Usually most head banging on an Arrow coaster is worse during the loops and corkscrews, but Vortex only suffers from it during its various drops and turns. The coaster also features the uncommon Batwing element, so that’s another small plus to this boring, below average coaster.


Drop: 4/10

Intensity: 6/10

Inversions: 6/10

Smoothness: 2/10

Pacing: 4/10

Layout: 5/10

Restraints: 3/10

Theming: 1/10

Final Score: 4/10

. . . . .

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