Limitless Park is Back!

We’re Back!

Hi fellow coaster enthusiasts, Disney lovers, and anyone who accidentally stumbled upon this page, welcome back to Limitless Park! We’ve been inactive for the past few months due to everyone on the site…*shudders* getting an education, so the site hasn’t seen any new posts in a very long time. This ends TODAY.

New Reviews

Everyone at Limitless Park rode a substantial amount of coasters last year, but most of them were never covered. Until theme parks start opening up for the 2019 season, we figured it would be best to crank out as many reviews as possible, so that we don’t fall even further behind when we start riding even more coasters this season. Expect lots of reviews from King’s Island, Florida parks, and more.

New People

Although Limitless Park already has a solid team of Andrew Krivsky (Based in Indiana/Wisconsin), Drake Miller (Based in Wisconsin), Andrew Brandenburg (Based in Florida), and Logan Rogers (Based in New York), the site is always looking to expand its numbers! Three new correspondents that joined the site in late 2018 will begin to write their first posts soon, so be sure to show them your support when they debut to the public!

Trip Reports?

Trip Reports have always been very time consuming to write, but as of now they aren’t going anywhere. Everyone at Limitless Park has yet to announce their 2019 theme park plans, but for teasers-sake, you can expect a LOT of Florida content this year. Trip reports should come out right along with every trip we take.


We’ll have more content to come as the year goes on and theme parks open up. That said, coming up with unique and original theme park and roller coaster content can be pretty tricky. If you have any suggestions for posts that we should make in the future, be sure to say something down in the comments section!

. . . . .

Want to stay up to date with our latest theme park plans, reviews, and more? Be sure to follow us on Twitter @limitless_park and Instagram @Limitless_Park!

Thanks for Reading!

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