RANKED: Kings Island Roller Coasters from Worst to Best – October 2019

Kings Island is home to 14 roller coasters, making it one of the largest theme parks in the world. Out of these 14 coasters, 4 are wooden, 3 are inverted, 2 are launch, 1 is suspended, 1 is a hyper coaster, and the rest are family coasters. That might not sound like the most varied line-up, but it still offers a decent balance between fun and intense thrills. Just like in every RANKED post, what we’re going to do today is rank Kings Island’s roller coasters from worst to best. I have ridden every roller coaster at Kings Island except the 3 kiddie/family coasters in Planet Snoopy, so I won’t be ranking those on this list. Everything else is fair game though, so let’s start with the worst:

11. Racer

I think my dislike for Racer stems from how I had to ride both sides to get the full experience on it. Each side was incredibly rough and uncomfortable, with little time to catch a breather and collect myself during the ride. There are some decent airtime hills, but in my opinion they’re just too rough to be enjoyed.

10. Vortex

Vortex is closing at the end of this year, but I’m still going to include it on this list. I recently had my last ride ever on the attraction, and I don’t think I’ll miss it all that much. Sure, it’s a large and iconic coaster, but it’s also rough and has a lot of awkward transitions. Some of the inversions are fun (like the vertical loops and the batwing), but the corkscrew is an absolute head-banger. Hopefully something better replaces Vortex in the future.

9. Backlot Stunt Coaster

This family launch coaster has some impressive studio backlot theming, but not much else. The launches are decent and somewhat forceful, but nothing over the top. Other than that the ride is just a bunch of helices and small drops that don’t really do much for me.

8. Adventure Express

Adventure Express is probably the weirdest mine train I’ve ever been on. It’s actually quite an intense ride, with many helices that give off some impressive forces. There’s also a lift hill at the end of the ride that is heavily themed to some sort of Indiana Jones-like temple, so that’s pretty cool. Sadly, this coaster does have quite a few rough patches that make the ride a bit more uncomfortable than it should be.

(Sorry about the lack of visuals here. I always forget to take a picture of Adventure Express when I go to Kings Island :P)

7. Invertigo

Vekoma Boomerangs have never been my favorite coasters out there, but at least Invertigo switches up the formula a bit. Instead of the usual sit down cars, Invertigo is an inverted boomerang. There is a little bit more of a noticeable rattle, since the cars are hanging, but for the most part this is a solid way to experience this otherwise uninspired coaster model.

6. Banshee

I’d say the most controversial coaster opinion I’ve ever had is that Banshee is a mediocre coaster at best. It has some impressive stats and can sometimes feel forceful, but for the most part it just feels really drawn out and boring to me. The pacing is just nowhere near as good as the more compact B&M Inverts out there. I enjoyed Banshee a bit more the most recent time I rode it, but it still isn’t worth the hype it gets.

5. Bat

This is where Kings Island’s lineup starts to get good. Bat might just be a family suspended coaster, but it still provides a super thrilling experience. The cars swinging back and forth give riders a unique sensation, and most of the turns are taken at a great pace. I highly recommend sitting in the front row so you can really feel the speed of the ride.

4. Flight of Fear

Flight of Fear is like if Disney’s Rock n’ Roller Coaster was good. It isn’t rough or rattly, and it has plenty of thrilling elements throughout the ride. The launch and four inversions are top notch, and the rest of the ride has seemingly endless turns and dips. It also has a neat alien theme in the queue, complete with a giant UFO.

3. Diamondback

Diamondback is definitely one of the best hyper coasters I’ve ridden. It’s got lots of floater airtime and an awesome drop that’s very enjoyable in the back row. It does drag on a bit towards the end, especially during its rather boring turn-around and helix, but for the most part this is one of Kings Island’s best coasters.

2. Mystic Timbers

This GCI Woodie offers an absolutely out of control ride experience. From the minute you exit the lift hill you’re thrown into an insane layout full of powerful airtime and seemingly endless dips and turns. It does feel a bit short, but that actually adds to how re-rideable it is. Mystic Timbers definitely has one of the best layouts of any wooden roller coaster in the world, and takes the number 2 spot at Kings Island.

1. Beast

Beast isn’t just my number 1 coaster at Kings Island, it’s also my number 2 coaster I’ve ever ridden. My reasoning for this is the absolutely mind-blowing experience this coaster gives during a night ride. The Beast is still a solid attraction during the day, but the experience of going out into a secluded forest when it’s pitch black out is a huge selling point for me. The layout isn’t anything super crazy, but it’s still an incredibly long ride that doesn’t ever really slow down much. The second major drop is my favorite element, as the gradual decline on the track makes it feel like the coaster is going to fly through the wall of the tunnel at the bottom. The Beast might not be everyone’s favorite, but I think everyone would still agree it’s a must-do coaster at Kings Island.

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