REVIEW: Safari Off Road Adventure at Six Flags Great Adventure – November 2019

The Safari Off Road Adventure at Six Flags Great Adventure is a staple New Jersey attraction. Operating since the 1970’s as a drive-thru attraction, it got a major facelift in 2014. Six Flags Wild Safari Park merged with Six Flags Great Adventure to create Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari. Together, they became the U.S.’s 2nd Largest Theme Park by area. Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort remains the first.

Safari Off-Road Adventure is in “The Golden Kingdom: Adventure Outpost”

As you walk towards the Safari, you enter “The Golden Kingdom: Adventure Outpost” land. You head towards the “Pathway to Safari”, and you get in the queue for Safari: Off Road Adventure. The queue is a Six Flags queue, so it’s not elaborately themed. Luckily, it has shade canopies for when the ride has longer waits.

A view of the entrance to Safari: Off Road Adventure

Then you board large Safari Jeeps similar to those found in Africa. You meet your tour guide who will tell you facts about what animals you are seeing. In my opinion, the tour guides really need to get better microphones. It was hard to hear what they were saying for most of the ride.

There are 11 “lands” on the Safari. They are as follows: The Americas, Africa, Wild Plains, Serengeti Grassland, Kingsland, Black Bear Ridge, Terra Urus, a Conservation Area with Untouched NJ wetlands, Tiger Asiana, and last Camp Adventura.

A Elephant I found on the safari named “Steve”

Halfway through the Safari you visit “Camp Adventura”. In Camp Adventura you get to see some of the smallest animals in the Safari. Camp Adventura is the home to reptiles, parrots, Tango the Eastern stripped skunk, Archie the anteater, Rico the Sloth, and Ovi the Eurasian lynx. There are also a few Domesticated animals such as goats, pigs and chickens. Camp Adventura also has a few attractions, shops and restaurants. One attraction is the Soarin’ Eagle Zip Line, which is a fun zip line ride above the safari. Another attraction is feeding the giraffes. They also have Camp Eats, Dippin Dots and a Gift Shop.

I named this giraffe “Gary”

Safari Off-Road Adventure is one of the best safari attractions in the US and a close second to Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is definitely a must do attraction when visiting Six Flags Great Adventure.

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