REVIEW: Holiday in the Park at Six Flags New England – December 2019

Every year I take a trip to Six Flags New England for Holiday in the Park. In my opinion, this is the best event that Six Flags puts on. There are always some changes each year, and I was excited to see what they were.

A view of the giant ornament found at the enterance of Kidzopolis and DC Super Heros Adventures


Six Flags’ Main Street, Caroll Drive, is covered in a sheet of lights. Through out the night you will see a few shows take place. At the end of Caroll Drive the Looney Tunes Emporium is covered in a blanket of lights just like Main Street. During the night, characters meet in font of the Looney Tunes Emporium. Some are normal, year-round characters, such as “Scooby Doo” and “Bugs Bunny”. Others, like “Jack Frost”, are around only for the holidays. You can also meet Santa and Mrs. Clause at this event, but you will have to buy a photo package.

Food & Drinks

Although the normal food stands are open, they carry an adapted Holiday Menu (with the exception for Primo’s Pizza (CenterStage), Macho Nacho’s Burritos, and JB’s Smokehouse BBQ). Some stands even have a new name. For example, “Totally Kickin Chicken Wings” is now “Snowflake Soup Company”. Instead of chicken, they serve soup. I thought this was kinda weird, but the soups were good so i’ll take it. Another notable winter quirk is you can only get soda inside. To remedy this, Six Flags sells special Hot Chocolate cups. They gave my family and I cups that said 2017, so I was not a fan of that. Anyways, the hot chocolate ranges in quality from water at the outside stands to the heavenly nectar at Coaster Candy. I can not stress enough that you should always get your hot chocolate refilled at Coaster Candy. They have marshmallows, whipped cream and peppermint!


Holiday in the Park has many shows to offer. For instance, “FROST: Holiday Spectacular” is an indoor show. Although I didn’t see this show this year, I did see it last year and it was interesting. The best part about it was that I was warm. There isn’t really much else to say about the shows. I just recommend staying away from any shows at Center stage in Kidzopolis. They are cheesier than a Hallmark movie. The Tree Lighting is a very notable show though. This show is on at 5pm every day in front of the SBNO (standing but not operating) “Goliath” roller coaster and “Looney Tunes Movie Town“. This show has all the Looney Tunes characters mixed in with Holiday favorites like Santa and Mrs. Clause.

The entrance to Six Flags New England looks very festive for Holiday in the Park.

Although it does have its few quirks (like the sometimes disappointing Hot Chocolate), Holiday in the Park is the best seasonal event Six Flags does. They do a good job with the shows, most of the food, and characters, so it is a must do if you’re a season pass holder.

Final Score: 8/10

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