Welcome to Limitless Park – Your gateway to the world of theme parks, roller coasters and more!


Welcome to Limitless Park

A website and blog dedicated to bringing you our opinions on the latest news in the theme park industry, as well as trip reports, reviews, guides, top 10s, and more!

Meet the Editor

The founder and editor of Limitless Park, Andrew Krivsky, has been writing reviews, trip reports and more since late 2016. He is somewhat of a roller coaster and theme park enthusiast, with his home park being Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. In addition to visiting the park as a guest countless times, Andrew also worked in Guest Relations at Great America during the 2019 season. A trip to North Carolina gave Andrew his current favorite coaster, the B&M Giga Fury 325 located at Carowinds. Rounding out his top three is Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England and The Beast at King’s Island. You can find him on Instagram @krivsky.ac and Twitter @ack1918.

Limitless Park Correspondents

Our Northeast correspondent, Logan Rogers, joined the site in August 2017. He has been riding roller coasters since he was young, with his first coaster being Space Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. He is based in upstate New York, with his home parks being The Great Escape (home to his favorite coaster, The Comet) and Six Flags New England. You can find him on Twitter @logrog04.

Our Floridian correspondent, Andrew Brandenburg, joined the site in October 2017. Specializing in the theme park destination of Walt Disney World, Brandenburg is the proud owner of a Platinum Plus Annual Pass, allowing him access to the resort practically whenever he wants. As if that wasn’t already awesome enough, he also owns an annual pass to Universal Orlando Resort. If you have a question about the Disney or Universal parks in Orlando, he’s the guy to ask.

Drake Miller, Limitless Park’s second midwestern enthusiast, joined the site in July 2018.  Like Andrew Krivsky, Drake’s home park is also Six Flags Great America. He also boasts the largest coaster count of anyone working on the site, with well over 200 coasters ridden. A self admitted “Cedar Point Fanboy”, Drake’s favorite roller coasters are Steel Vengeance and Millennium Force.

Our second Northeast correspondent, Evan Murray, began writing for the site in April 2019. Along with visiting his home parks (Six Flags New England and Great Escape) multiple times a year, Evan also spends a lot of time in Florida visiting Walt Disney World. His favorite attraction is Test Track at Epcot, he owns a platinum plus annual pass, and has been a DVC member since 2004. Like Andrew Brandenburg, Evan is a great resource for anything Disney-related.

Josh Pandolph, our Pennsylvania correspondent, joined our site in May 2019. Being based on the East Coast allows for Josh to visit some well known parks such as Hershey Park and Kennywood. However, he is more of an expert in smaller parks, with his home parks being Lakemont Park and Delgrosso’s Park. Out of all the coasters he’s ridden, his favorite has to be Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood. You can find Josh on Instagram @jmanx360 or @smalltowncoasters.

Thanks for Reading! 

We hope you enjoy your time on the Limitless Park website! Be sure to follow us on here, Instagram (@limitless_park) and Twitter (@limitless_park) for all the adventures to come! Also, if you would like to give us any feedback on your experience, please leave a comment on this page, or visit our Contact Info page. Thank you!

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