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Here at Limitless Park, we review a LOT of roller coasters. To make it easier for all you enthusiasts to figure out which coasters we think are the best (or the worst), we’ve compiled all our coaster reviews on this page. They are organized by the Limitless Park “Coaster Grade” from the highest score of 10 to the lowest score of 0. If you want to read more about why we gave a coaster a certain score (or berate us in the comment section on why we scored your favorite coaster so low), feel free to click on each individual link to read the full reviews.

Coaster Grade of 10

  • Steel Vengeance – RMC Hybrid Coaster at Cedar Point
  • Mako – B&M Hyper Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

Coaster Grade of 9.5

  • The Beast – PTC Wooden Coaster at King’s Island
  • Kumba – B&M Sit Down Coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa

Coaster Grade of 9

Coaster Grade of 8.5

  • Renegade – GCI Wooden Coaster at Valleyfair

Coaster Grade of 8

  • California Screamin’ – Intamin Launch Coaster at Disney’s California Adventure
  • Maxx Force – S&S Launch Coaster at Six Flags Great America
  • Xcelerator – Intamin Launch Coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Slinky Dog Dash – Mack Multi-Launch Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Kraken – B&M Floorless Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

Coaster Grade of 7.5

Coaster Grade of 7

  • The Joker – S&S 4D Free-Spin Coaster at Six Flags Great America
  • Raging Bull – B&M Hyper Coaster at Six Flags Great America

Coaster Grade of 6.5

Coaster Grade of 6

  • Mine Blower – Gravity Group Wooden Coaster at FunSpot Kissimmee
  • Space Mountain – Arrow Indoor Family Coaster at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  • Vertical Velocity – Intamin Impulse Coaster at Sqqix Flags Great America
  • American Eagle – Intamin Wooden Coaster at Six Flags Great America

Coaster Grade of 5.5

Coaster Grade of 5

Coaster Grade of 4.5

  • Banshee – B&M Inverted Coaster at King’s Island

Coaster Grade of 4

Coaster Grade of 3.5

Coaster Grade of 3

Coaster Grade of 2.5

Coaster Grade of 2

Coaster Grade of 1.5

Coaster Grade of 1

Coaster Grade of 0.5

Coaster Grade of 0

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