Demon is an Arrow Dynamics Custom Looping Coaster at Six Flags Great America. The ride features four inversions: a double loop and a double corkscrew. Demon has been operating since opening day (it’s original name was “Turn of the Century”), but originally only featured the double corkscrew. The double loop was added in 1980.

Opening Date: May 29th, 1976.

Bite-Sized Review: A lot of people say Demon is the worst roller coaster at Great America. While I definitely agree with that statement, I think it acts as a testimony to the quality of Great America’s coasters. Demon is still a classic ride that could be a lot rougher and more boring than it is. There is even some subtle theming on the ride, that being the weird demon heads in between the loops and the tunnel with creepy audio that comes just after. It’s not a great coaster, but it could be a lot worse.


Reviewed by Andrew Krivsky, Editor and Founder of Limitless Park