Mission: Space is a simulator attraction located at the Mission: Space pavilion in Epcot. Riders board the simulator which acts as a manned rocket heading for Mars. The attraction has two versions: the orange side and the green side. The orange side features a more intense ride with higher G-forces, while the green side features a less intense ride as well as a different experience that takes you around the globe.

Opening Date: August 15th, 2003.

Bite-Sized Review: Mission: Space is an enjoyable ride overall, but it’s not really for me. The orange mission that heads to Mars is a bit too intense as it sustains 2.5 G’s for a period of time. The green mission is more comfortable, but the ride experience itself is much more boring. I’m glad I rode this once, but I can’t say I’ll ever do it again.


Reviewed by Andrew Krivsky, Editor and Founder of Limitless Park