Welcome to the War of Coasters

What if every coaster had a story to tell. What if all our favorite B&M hypers, RMC hybrids–all our favorite rides became more than just rides. For ages (Or at least a few years), coaster enthusiasts have fought over which roller coasters and parks were truly the best. We’ve seen Cedar Point vs. Magic Mountain. We’ve seen Top Thrill Dragster vs. Kingda Ka. We’ve compared height, speed, drop, length, layout, etc. I mean, we’ve ridden these things 80 million times just to compare the restraints of two rides! We’ve done it all. Coaster fights, coaster battles-all of it. But what if we just left it up to the coasters? What if the coasters fought this great war themselves, without our guidance? What if…there was a real War of Coasters?

Coaster Nerds, this one’s for you

I began writing this tale for true coaster enthusiast’s minds only. If you don’t consider yourself an enthusiast, or don’t feel that you obtain enough knowledge to understand some of the content of this ongoing storyline (ride names, companies, etc.), then I’d suggest you turn back now. It’s gonna get really nerdy from here on out.

Where to start?

Ready to delve into the Coaster World? The link to Part 1 of the original War of Coasters series is listed below. You should be able to find your way from here on out. If not, just contact us on Twitter @Limitless_Park or @ack1918. We’re more than happy to help!

War of Coasters: The Original Series

Part 1: Dawn of War

Part 2 – Maverick and Goliath

Part 3: Response

Part 4: The Fall of a Kingdom

Part 5: Counter-Strike