REVIEW: Hershey Park – August 2018

My first time ever hearing about Hershey Park was on a television program named Insane Coaster Wars: World Domination.  This TV show traveled to Hershey Park to film some world-class coasters, such as Skyrush and Fahrenheit. Just a few weeks ago, I was finally able to ride both of these coasters, and experience everything Hershey Park has to offer.


The layout of the park is fantastic and unique in many ways. My day there began by riding Skyrush in the back row, which provided the perfect wake-up call for the morning (although I now understand why it is often nicknamed “Thigh crush”)! This area of the park is its own little corner that features many attractions. In fact, a lot of the coasters at Hershey Park are sort of bunched together in different areas of the park. For example, Skyrush is literally seconds away from the entrance to Sooper Dooper Looper and Comet. Furthermore, the Great Bear is thrown into this roller coaster jungle. As you move away from this area of the park, the coasters begin to disappear, and more flat rides and other attractions appear, such as the Hershey Triple Tower. As you continue across the park, you will run into Storm Runner and Fahrenheit, which are located in the same general area. Finally, once you reach the other side of the park, the last two wooden coasters appear along with the Hershey Park Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is actually surrounded by the rest of the theme park, making it feel like the waterpark is right in the center of the action rather than being separated off to the side. The surrounding area of all this includes extra attractions such as Zoo America and Hershey’s Chocolate World.


Hershey Park has done a fantastic job of delivering unique thrills on their coasters. My personal favorite was Storm Runner. Although the ride only lasted about 20 seconds, it had a great launch and many interesting elements that followed. Fahrenheit comes in as a close second! The layout of the ride included many disorienting inversions, and I really enjoyed the initial 97 degree drop. The following Norwegian loop provided a new experience for me as well, and I found it very smooth. Skyrush takes the third spot on the list, and delivered a whole new level of airtime! The restraints were comfortable at first, but the forces of the ride really get you locked into your seat. Other than that, the ride offered a very intense experience. The remaining coasters at the park also delivered unique ride experiences as well. For example, the Great Bear has a strange initial drop, that takes a full 360 degree turn-around before plummeting to the surface. Lightning Racer, Hershey Park’s dueling woodie, exceeded my expectations! It was hard to keep track of where I was during the ride because of all the twists and turns. Not only is it hard to follow the path on the ride, but also off of the ride because of the jungle of wooden tracks that is crammed into a smaller area. Laff Track was also an interesting experience. My favorite element of the ride is the spinning that starts about half-way through the ride. Although the ride was tons of fun, I personally did not think it was worth the 45-60 minute wait. The only ride at Hershey Park that I did not enjoy is Wildcat, which was very painful not only during the ride, but also sitting still with the restraints locked.


Hershey Park also provides some extra attractions, including Hershey’s Chocolate World and Zoo America. My family and I attended both of these attractions and they were really amazing! Zoo America definitely surprised me with the different animals being shown. We were able to see at least 3 different species of owls, wolves, deer and elk, mountain lions, tarantulas, a lynx, bats, and so much more! We walked through the entire zoo in about 20 minutes because of the park’s closing time, and we were still able to fully experience every exhibit. Hershey’s Chocolate World was also a really cool feature. Once you walk in, chocolates and candies surround you in every direction. They have a few different shops that sell ice cream and other snacks. As you walk further into the attraction, you run into the worlds largest Hershey store. In this store, you can locate almost any chocolate you can think of. We picked up a few interesting kinds of chocolate including strawberry kit kats, orange cream Twizzlers, and Pineapple + Coconut kisses. We also decided to participate in the Create Your Own Candy Bar Tour. Unfortunately, the machine that actually made the chocolate was down for maintenance, but the tour was still very fun and interesting. At the end, we were still able to receive coupons that allow free admission to the tour during a future visit.

Hershey Park totally blew me away with all of their coasters and attractions. Every detail during the day also stood out over other parks. Overall, the food here was exceptional. They do offer different dining passes that allow you to eat every 90 minutes and I would say that they are definitely worth it. I have never experienced any coaster that was similar to the thrills at Hershey Park, which really stood out to me. The coasters combine interesting and thrilling elements that successfully place them on the map. Finally, the attractions that are offered outside of the park are tons of fun and add to the overall experience. If you are anywhere near this park and you are looking for something to do, I highly recommend visiting!

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