REVIEW: Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach

Steel Hawg is an S&S El Loco coaster at Indiana Beach, a small boardwalk amusement park located in Monticello, Indiana. The El Loco coaster model is known for throwing a bunch of thrilling elements together in a super compact layout on a small footprint. There are only 6 El Loco’s in the world–two of which

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REVIEW: Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom | Classic or Pass?

Back in June we received the exciting news that Splash Mountain at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom would be re-themed to the animated film Princess and the Frog. While I think this is a welcomed change to the ride, it did cause me to reflect on how much Splash Mountain matters to me. I’ve gone

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Six Flags Over Texas Review: The Original Six Flags Park

When I think Six Flags, I tend to think about amusement parks with a heavy emphasis on thrills and roller coasters. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but as someone who prefers a wholesome “theme park” experience (which includes a variety of rides, delicious food, and an immersive atmosphere), I don’t expect to enjoy

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Limitless Park 2019: A Year In Review

2019 is officially coming to a close, and with that I always like to reflect on everything Limitless Park has accomplished throughout the year. Since the site’s inception in 2016, the members and I are constantly looking for new ways to grow our brand. I usually keep the numbers and statistics to myself (quantifying things

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REVIEW: Kings Island Halloween Haunt 2019

Arguably my favorite time to visit a theme park is during a halloween event. I’ve only been to a handful so far, but I’ve enjoyed each one that I’ve visited tremendously. Last year I attended Halloween Haunt at Kings Island for the first time and had a lot of fun, despite the high levels of

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REVIEW: The Bronx Zoo – December 2018

Who said Limitless Park can’t review zoos? The Bronx Zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in America. Located in the Bronx of New York City, it is known for its gorillas, elephants, flamingos and everything else in the animal kingdom. The zoo is run by the Wildlife Conservation Society, which owns a network of Zoos,

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REVIEW: Hershey Park – August 2018

My first time ever hearing about Hershey Park was on a television program named Insane Coaster Wars: World Domination.  This TV show traveled to Hershey Park to film some world-class coasters, such as Skyrush and Fahrenheit. Just a few weeks ago, I was finally able to ride both of these coasters, and experience everything Hershey

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REVIEW: Mt. Olympus Theme Park – October 2017

Back in September, I paid a visit to Mt. Olympus Theme and Water Park in the Wisconsin Dells. Despite being a native Wisconsinite, I had never actually been to this park before. It was quite interesting to finally ride some coasters at what is, if you don’t count Six Flags Great America, my home(state) park.

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REVIEW: Six Flags America – July 2017

July 9th marked my first visit to Six Flags America, a smaller theme park located in Bowie, Maryland, just 30 minutes out of Washington D.C. We only spent a few hours at the park, due to me coming down with a cold, but we were able to get on 6 of their 9 coasters. Here

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REVIEW: Knott’s Berry Farm – June 2017

Back in April, I paid my first visit to Knott’s Berry Farm, a theme park located in Buena Park, California. Although I only spent about 5 hours there, I’d like to think I got a good feel for what the park had to offer. That said, I only rode a handful of the attractions there,

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REVIEW: Vertical Velocity – Intamin Impulse Coaster at Six Flags Great America

Today we’re reviewing Vertical Velocity, the inverted impulse coaster at Six Flags Great America. Vertical Velocity was manufactured by Intamin, and was introduced in 2001. The coaster has a height of 185 feet, length of 630 feet, and a top speed of 70 mph. The ride experience involves launching out of the station, up a twisted spike, flying backwards

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