2021 Theme Park Predictions and Announcements

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We’ve officially entered the next decade of theme park additions. 2020 is already bringing about some incredible new attractions, but it’s never too early to start looking ahead to what we’ll see in 2021. Similarly to the past couple years, I have compiled a list of all my predictions for what I think different theme parks will be receiving next year. Keep in mind, all of these predictions are a mere combination of guessing and hoping. Even though I think something is going to happen next year, doesn’t mean it actually will.

As usual, this predictions post will also double as a list of confirmed announcements for theme park rides in 2021. I’ll be sure to update this page with new predictions/announcements for new attractions at all of the parks. It will constantly be evolving, so be sure to check back once and a while for new updates and information.

To follow tradition, we’ll kick these predictions off with Six Flags.

Six Flags

Magic Mountain – Fresh off of West Coast Racers, I think 2021 will be a gap year for Magic Mountain before they get a new roller coaster in 2022. Instead, I think we’ll be looking at a Tourbillon Flat Ride.

Great America – For 2021, I would like to see Great America update their flat ride collection. They currently have a small pendulum ride in Revolution, but I would like to see them rip that out as well as some of the surrounding carnival games to fit a record-breaking giant pendulum ride. They could even take a page out of Magic Mountain’s book and name it the New Revolution.

Great Adventure – The park just received a custom RMC Raptor in 2020, so they’ll definitely have an off-year in 2021 for their dry park. I’d expect them to follow in Great America’s footsteps and add a water coaster.

Discovery Kingdom – This has been the toughest Six Flags park to predict lately, as they’ve received new roller coasters for the past 3 years. They also have a 150 ft. height limit, which forces them to be pretty creative with their additions. This might be going out on a bit of a limb, but I suspect that the Kingdom will get one more coaster in 2021. If the Mack Power Splash is successful at Over Texas, then I think Discovery Kingdom could receive a Mack Power Splash of their own.

St. Louis – Last year I begged the Six Flags gods to give St. Louis an RMC Raptor, and they didn’t. This year I’m repeating my request. Please Six Flags gods, please give St. Louis an RMC Raptor.

La Ronde – La Ronde just got a hand-me-down coaster in 2020. They probably aren’t in for anything special in 2021, so let’s say they’ll get some sort of Family Flat Ride addition.

Mexico – Six Flags Mexico is always a tough one to predict, but I think a Tourbillon Flat Ride would be a great fit here. Maybe they could also get a smaller flat ride package too.

New England – New England is due for a new roller coaster, but I think it’ll still be a couple years before they get one. In the meantime, a Water Coaster similar to the one I’m predicting Great Adventure to get would be nice.

America – I’ve constantly expected America to get V2 from Great America, but I think at this point Great America would rather just scrap it rather than relocate it. I’m going to go out on a whim here and say 2021 will be the year that America gives Roar the RMC treatment.

Over Georgia – I’m going to keep my prediction the same as last year. I think it’s about time they focus on the kids again, so I think we’ll see another kids ride or two here.

Over Texas – Over Texas just got a pretty unique Mack Power Splash coaster, so they probably won’t be receiving anything crazy in 2021. After visiting recently, I really felt that the park had a really fleshed out flat ride lineup. However, they do have decent space by Harley Quinn and Joker to add one more decent sized flat ride. I would like to see them add a Mondial Top Scan in this space, similar to Sol Spin at Knott’s.

Fiesta Texas – The park got a super unique flat ride in 2020, which means my prediction of a new kids area is still on the table.

Great Escape – Great Escape tends to update their water park every 2 to 3 years, and they just got a decent sized thrill ride in 2020, so I think they’ll be getting another water park expansion in 2021.

Darian Lake – Everybody wants Darian Lake to RMC Predator, and while I think this is a great idea, I don’t see it happening in 2021 if America and St. Louis are already receiving RMC coasters. Instead, I think Darien Lake will receive a decent sized flat ride package of 3 flat rides, and one will be a second generation Enterprise.

Frontier City – This recently-acquired Six Flags park tends to focus on the family demographic. That said, I think they’ll try to boost their thrill rides this year. The park is actually lacking a drop tower, so I think they could get a 200 ft. S&S Drop Tower with some Six Flags branding.

Cedar Fair

Cedar Point – Cedar Point will finish out their 150th anniversary celebration by announcing their next record breaking coaster coming in 2021. Everybody thinks it’s going to the world’s first polar coaster, and while I think that’s a feasible prediction, I’m opting for a different kind of record, just to be different. I think Cedar Point will add a S&S Custom Looping Coaster with 15 inversions, to take the record for most inversions on a roller coaster.

Kings Island – Fresh off of a brand new Giga Coaster, this will definitely be an off-year for Kings Island. I don’t think they’ll be getting anything in 2021.

Kings Dominion – With the removal of Volcano: Blast Coaster, there’s predictions going around for the park to receive either a Wing Coaster or an S&S 4D Freespin in 2021. I like the idea of a wing coaster, but personally think the S&S 4D Freespin is more ideal.

Carowinds – Cedar Fair seems to really enjoy giving Carowinds a lot of attention, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. They won’t be receiving a new roller coaster, but I could definitely see them getting a large flat ride such as an S&S Power Swing.

Canada’s Wonderland – Canada’s Wonderland tends to pioneer a lot of unique flat ride attractions. I think we’ll see a never before seen spinning flat ride.

Knott’s Berry Farm – Knott’s is a landlocked park that doesn’t have the space to add anything new without removing something. Due to them coming off their 100th celebration and the fact that Cedar Fair is spending lots of money elsewhere, I think we might see an off year for Knott’s. Maybe a new show or something.

California’s Great America – I don’t quite know what happened with that development plan, but if it’s still on then I don’t think it’s going to be quite finished in 2021. Maybe the shopping district will be open.

Dorney Park – Dorney has been neglected for a while, and sadly I think it will continue to do so. I’d expect them to get the Grand Carnivale celebration.

World’s of Fun – Like Dorney, I think World’s of Fun will receive the Grand Carnivale Celebration.

Valleyfair! – Sadly, I don’t think Valleyfair will be receiving anything huge this year due to Cedar Fair investing heavily in other parks. I could maybe see a small water park expansion though.

Michigan’s Adventure – Michigan’s Adventure surprised everybody last year by actually receiving a decent sized Planet Snoopy expansion with a repurposed kiddie coaster. Therefor, I think it’s safe to assume that 2021 will bring the world’s first RMC T-Rex coaster. The ride will reach a maximum of 380 feet, making it the tallest Giga Coaster to be built. It will also feature 5 inversions and reach top speeds of 98 mph. The first inversion will also be the tallest inversion in the world, and the ride will feature 2 launches. One will be backwards.

I’ll update this page with more parks as the year goes on!

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