Orlando’s ICON Park Adding Two Record-Breaking Attractions in 2021

ICON Park on Orlando’s International Drive, which is home to the famous 400 foot Ferris wheel known as “The Wheel”, has announced two new attractions coming to the park in 2021.

First up is The ICON Park Drop Tower, which will be the world’s tallest free-standing drop tower attraction. The thrill ride will tower over the park at 430 feet, and rider’s will reach speeds of 75 mph during the plummet.

To compliment this, the park is also adding The ICON Park Slingshot, which will be the world’s tallest slingshot ride. Though the actual structure of the attraction is only 300 feet tall (yeah, we said only), it will hurl riders to a height of 450 feet in the air, reaching speeds of 100 mph. To make things even more impressive, the park is theming this attraction by placing a volcano at the bottom of it. When riders are launched up into the sky, it will look like they are shooting out of the volcano.

“ICON Park is constantly growing and expanding our entertainment options for locals and tourists alike,” said Chris Jaskiewicz, ICON Park President and CEO. “We’re proud to welcome these two record-setting attractions to the Orlando Entertainment District and look forward to the joy and adrenaline they will bring our guests.”

These two impressive new attractions will open Summer 2021.

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