Maurer Rides unveils new roller coaster – Spike Signature Tower ST-30

Maurer Rides recently showed off a new version of it’s “Spike Coaster” concept, titled Spike Signature Tower ST-30. Here’s the full video from the company’s YouTube channel:

According to Maurer, the innovative Spike single-rail technology allows for new layouts to be created that aren’t possible with regular roller coaster track. Riders will be able to fly along the track upwards and downwards due to the coaster being powered. If it was a normal coaster dependent on gravity, then the layout wouldn’t be possible.

The Spike Signature Tower ST-30 is scalable to a height of 98 ft. (30 m). Riders will be able to control the speed of their vehicle, similar to an Alpine coaster. The video shows the ride in a tropical location at both daytime and nighttime, in order to showcase the lighting package on the roller coaster. There will also be customizable structures next to most of the track to give it a more atmospheric look.

The announcement of the Spike Signature Tower ST-30 comes hot off the heels of the Bolt coaster, which is a new roller coaster being installed on a Carnival Cruise Line’s new Mardi Gras vessel. Bolt coaster will also use the Spike roller coaster model, but it will be significantly less compact than the Spike Signature Tower ST-30.

Theme parks around the world can start installing the Spike Signature Tower ST-30 model as soon as 2021.

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