Every Six Flags Theme Park from Worst to Best – 2023 Edition

For many years, coaster enthusiasts have debated how to rank the various Six Flags parks. The company currently owns 25 properties in total, with 15 of those being theme parks and 10 of them being separate water parks. I’ve decided to give my opinions on the main 15 parks in the chain. Each park will also feature at least one must-see attraction, with the higher ranked parks getting two or three.

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10 U.S. Theme Park Attractions to Look Forward to in 2022

Lists have always been an integral part of Limitless Park. Who doesn’t love counting things down? That said, we haven’t written one since the beginning of 2021. To make up for this, we’re starting a new series called “12 Days of Listmas.” I’m sure something similar has been done before–I might even be stealing the “Listmas” name, but I don’t feel like checking–but this is a first for Limitless Park. For 12 days (December 13 – 24) we’ll be bringing you a brand new theme park related list, ranging anywhere from our favorite roller coasters to the different levels of “bad Six Flags food.” We’re getting creative with that last one.