REVIEW: Mine Blower – Gravity Group Wooden Coaster at Fun Spot Kissimmee – March 2019

Mine Blower – 2017’s Most “Mind Blowing” Coaster?

Fun Spot is something of an afterthought in the Orlando entertainment industry. They’ve always stood in the shadow of Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and even SeaWorld Orlando. In 2010, FunSpot began making plans for rapid expansion in their two Orlando area parks. In 2013 the first fruits of this labor came to us in the form of White Lightning, a wooden GCI at FunSpot Orlando. Then, in 2017, the Kissimmee park finally received the e-ticket attraction they desperately needed: Mine Blower, a hybrid coaster from GravityGroup…with an inversion. This was enough to get the enthusiasts talking, and it sparked my interest in the park as well. How does Mine Blower stack up against some of the other coasters in Orlando? Is it worth making the trip out there? Here are my thoughts:



To start off, Mine Blower’s stats are respectable but nothing record-breaking. From the Official FunSpot website we have:

Top Speed: 49mph

Height: 83 feet

Drop Height: 82 feet

Track Length: 2,289 feet

Not bad for what the coaster is going for, but clearly Mine Blower is about the actual ride experience more than its stats.

Forgettable Queue, Fun Ride

When you walk up to Mine Blower, you’re not going to be “blown away” by any next level theming. All there is as far as theming goes is the trains are made to look like fireworks. This is a minor point though, since FunSpot has always been an amusement park as opposed to a theme park.

Now for the actual ride. As a disclaimer, I only rode Mine Blower twice when I was at FunSpot Kississimee. Once in the front row, and once in the back. But I still feel I was able to formulate a pretty good opinion about the coaster. With that out of the way, how is the ride experience on Mine Blower? Well on the positive side, it has a great layout that is full of ejector airtime. FunSpot is not lying when they say it has 12 airtime moments. I also loved the corkscrew inversion. It is amazing and is one of my favorite elements on any coaster in Orlando. The first drop is pretty fun as well and provides some good airtime.


The Downside

Unfortunately, I have to report that Mine Blower has some flaws I can’t look past. Mainly the fact that this coaster is incredibly rough. From start to finish you’re going to be shaken by the ride. There isn’t much head-banging, since the trains have some pretty good restraints, but the rattle almost entirely ruins the ride experience. This is really sad since it has so much potential. Also, as of writing this, if you’re just looking to ride Mine Blower, it costs $10 a ride. This is overpriced in my opinion for what you get.

The Verdict

Is Mine Blower worth making a trip to FunSpot Kissimmee for? If you’re already in the area and you really want the credit then I say go for it. But it isn’t worth going all the way to 192 to ride. Especially when there is a bigger and better FunSpot park closer to Universal if you’re already over there. I really wanted to like Mine Blower, but I left pretty disappointed.

Coaster Grade: 6/10

. . . . .

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