2020 Theme Park Predictions and Announcements

It’s That Time of Year Again…

2019 has been here for a few months now, which means it’s already time to start speculating what new attractions will be coming to theme parks in 2020. Similarly to the past couple years, I have compiled a list of all my predictions for what I think different theme parks will be receiving next year. Keep in mind, all of these predictions are a mere combination of guessing and hoping. Even though I think something is going to happen next year, doesn’t mean it actually will.

As usual, this predictions post will also double as a list of confirmed announcements for theme park rides in 2020. I’ll be sure to update this page with new predictions/announcements for new attractions at all of the parks. It will constantly be evolving, so be sure to check back once and a while for new updates and information.

To follow tradition, we’ll kick these predictions off with Six Flags.

Six Flags

Magic Mountain – After receiving their 20th roller coaster in 2019, I wouldn’t expect too much for this park in 2020. That said, Magic Mountain is arguably the flagship Six Flags park, so I still think they will get something substantial. For 2020, I predict that Magic Mountain will receive a Sky Screamer, perhaps record breaking.

Great America – My home park has recieved a lot of attention lately. In the past 6 years, we’ve received 3 new roller coasters, including Maxx Force in 2019. Each year I predict that Great America that the park will have an off year and focus on a water park expansion, and each year I’m wrong. Still, I think I’ll keep that prediction for 2020.

Great Adventure – I feel like this park should have gotten a new coaster for a while now. It is one of Six Flags’ top tier parks, and the last coaster it received was a 4D Free fly clone back in 2015. So what the hell. In 2020, I predict that Great Adventure will receive a ground up RMC hybrid coaster.

Discovery Kingdom – The park just received a 4D Free Fly in 2019, so I definitely think that 2020 will be more of an off year. Since the park has a wildlife part to it, I think we’ll see some sort of smaller addition in the form of a new animal show or an animal-based kiddie ride.

St. Louis – I know this park isn’t anywhere near the top tier Six Flags parks, but it still NEEDS a new coaster. Because of the success of the RMC Raptor at Fiesta Texas in 2018, I was expecting St. Louis would get one in 2019. Since that didn’t happen though, I am going to give my same prediction of an RMC Raptor (with a different layout than the first 2) in 2020.

La Ronde – The park just received a Super Loop this year, and isn’t necessarily considered one of the best Six Flags parks out there. I expect 2020 to be another smaller year for them. Probably a small flat ride of some sort. I don’t know specifics.

Mexico – Six Flags Mexico just received 2 decent kids areas in 2019, and a 4D free spin before that. Therefor, I think we can expect the park to get a thrilling flat ride, somewhere along the lines of a tourbillion thrill ride like Cyborg Spin at Great Adventure.

New England – This park got a small Cyborg-themed spinning dark ride in 2019. Although this ride was a cut above a normal spinning ride, it still wasn’t much. They also haven’t received a new coaster since 2017. Because of this, I’m going to go out on a whim here and say that New England will get an S&S air launch coaster similar to Maxx Force at Great America.

America – Because Maxx Force is opening at Great America in 2019, I think they will finally decide to remove V2, the parks other launch coaster. Instead of just scrapping it, I think the park will move V2 to Six Flags America for it to operate there.

Over Georgia – Over Georgia received a pendulum ride in 2019, and an RMC the year before that. I think it’s about time they focus on the kids again, so I think we’ll see another kids ride or two here.

Over Texas – Over Texas has always been a tough one for me to predict. Each year they seem to receive a ride that other parks get that same year. They also have a pretty decent coaster lineup already. It’s also tough because this park doesn’t have a water park to expand upon. I guess if I had to guess, the park will get some sort of medium-sized thrill ride here, but I’m unsure of what.

Fiesta Texas – This park received a new coaster in 2018 and a new thrill ride in 2019. They also got a new water coaster in 2017, so I think that rules out the water park expansion option. They do seem to be lacking in the kiddie ride, department though, so I think it’s possible we’ll see an entire new kids area at this park.

Great Escape – This parks primary focus has always been the water park, and they just got a decent sized expansion in 2019. They also haven’t received a roller coaster in a really long time, but I doubt they’ll get one in 2020. That said, I don’t think it will be a complete off-year. I predict that Great Escape will receive a larger pendulum thrill ride in 2020.

Darien Lake – 2020 will be Darien Lake’s second year as a Six Flags park. The park actually received a new coaster in 2018, and Six Flags put in a larger flat ride sky screamer in 2019. That said, the park does still seem to be lacking in flat rides. I think Six Flags will put in a pendulum thrill ride in 2020, perhaps themed to DC if they want to start using that theming at the new park.

Frontier City – I honestly think this newly-acquired Six Flags park will replace Great Escape as the runt of the Six Flags litter. They don’t have a lot of competition, so they’re in no dire need of a huge expansion. The park received a new kiddie area in 2019, so in 2020 I expect the park will receive some sort of family ride or two to continue to appeal to their “family” market.

Cedar Fair

Cedar Point – This “coaster capital of the world” just received arguably the best roller coaster ever built in 2018. That said, Cedar Fair has never exactly shied away from adding a new coaster here every other year. Therefor, I think the park is in for a new coaster in 2020. That said, I don’t think it will be anything ground-breaking. Instead I would love to see the park add a family launch coaster, similar to something like Firechaser Express at Dollywood.

King’s Island – 2020 is the year of the King’s Island Giga Coaster, I think almost everyone can finally agree on that. That said, I think there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding different details on the ride. My predictions are that it will reside where Firehawk used to be, it will reference Son of Beast in some way, and it will be manufactured by B&M.

King’s Dominion – This one is tough, because they just received an RMC hybrid in 2018. That said, they also just removed Volcano: Blast Coaster, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, their closest competitor, just announced that they will be receiving a new launch coaster in 2020. Therefor, although this is probably just wishful thinking, I really do believe that King’s Dominion will try and strike back this year by adding another coaster to draw customers away from Busch Gardens. Cedar Fair also seems to be loving their dive coasters recently, with 2 B&M dive machines and one Gerstlauer dive coaster being added within the past 4 years. My crazy prediction for King’s Dominion will be another Gerstlauer dive coaster like Hangtime at Knott’s.

Carowinds – The park just got an awesome new launch coaster in 2019, so I think 2020 will be a big off-year. My guess is they will just receive general park improvements and a new restaurant.

Canada’s Wonderland – Similarly to Carowinds, Canada’s Wonderland just received a new coaster in 2019. Therefor, they will have the same sort of off year with general park improvements.

Knott’s Berry Farm – Unfortunately, Knott’s Berry Farm doesn’t have a large amount of space to work with. The park also just received a new coaster in 2018. Therefor, I think this year we’ll see a themed family attraction replace another ride in the park. What that ride is though, I’m totally unsure.

Dorney Park – In 2018, Cedar Fair proved it was possible for them to add 4 coasters to their lineup. Why not do it again in 2020? Dorney Park has been subtly teasing a new coaster since 2018. Although it didn’t happen in 2019, I think it’s still entirely possible that it will happen in 2020. My prediction is that the park will receive a GCI wooden coaster similar to Mystic Timbers at King’s Island.

World’s of Fun – Sadly, I think World’s of Fun will continue to be neglected by Cedar Fair in 2020. I think the park might receive some sort of water park expansion. Nothing crazy.

Valleyfair! – Uggghhh this park deserves so much more, but isn’t going to get much of anything. I could see a new coaster maybe coming to the park in 2021, but I don’t think they’ll get it in 2020. That said, I don’t think 2020 has to be a total bust. I could see Cedar Fair giving Valleyfair! some sort of never-before-seen thrill ride, or at least something new to the U.S.

Michigan’s Adventure – I would’ve loved to see Firehawk be sent to Michigan’s Adventure, but alas, the ride was scrapped. Therefor, I think Michigan’s Adventure will receive a brand new tree, complete with oxygen and everything.

Disney Parks

Disneyland – Since Disney’s main California park is opening up Star Wars Land in 2019, I suspect that they will focus on the DCA Marvel Land for 2020. That said, it isn’t entirely out of the question that the original park will get something too. For 2020, I think we’ll see some sort of new show or firework spectacular at the park.

Disney’s California AdventureSemi-Confirmed! Disney’s California Adventure has stated that it will be adding new Avengers and Spider-Man experiences to the park in 2020, in what is assumed to be a new Marvel Land that will take over the old Hollywood area. It will also replace Bugs Land, which closed in 2018.

Magic Kingdom – Because the park is building Tron: Lightcycle Power Run for 2021, I highly doubt it will get anything big in 2020. That said, I’m sure we’ll start to see preparations for the 50th anniversary celebration.

Hollywood Studios – After Toy Story Land, Star Wars Land, and the Runaway Railway, I think it’s pretty clear that 2020 will be an off year for Hollywood Studios. That said, maybe we’ll start to see preparations for a Marvel land?

Epcot – Semi-Confirmed! We know the park is adding a Ratatouille dark ride sometime in the near future, and construction is underway. Some people think that this ride won’t open until 2021, but personally I think it will be ready by 2020. Only time will tell.

Animal Kingdom – If we were seeing a big new attraction here in 2020, Disney would have announced it already. Besides, the park is still coasting off the success of Pandora: The World of Avatar. It would be cool if they decided close down Everest and fix the yeti this year though.

Universal Parks

Universal Studios HollywoodConfirmed! A Secret Life of Pets dark ride is slated to open in 2020. The ride will be a family attraction that uses an omnimover car system. Instead of using lots of screens, the park is opting for more animatronics for the ride.

Universal Studios Orlando/Islands of AdventureSemi-Confirmed! From what I understand, Nintendo Land is slated to open at the park this year. This will include at least a Mario Kart ride and a Donkey Kong roller coaster. The opening date could be pushed back to 2021 though.

Other Parks

Busch Gardens Tampa Confirmed! An unnamed RMC hybrid coaster is coming to the park in 2020. It will be North America’s tallest hybrid coaster, and the fastest and steepest hybrid coaster in the world. It will be built using some of the structure from the parks defunct wooden coaster, Gwazi.

. . . . .

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