RANKED: 2020 Six Flags Announcements from Worst to Best – September 2019

On August 29th, Six Flags released their 2020 announcements video featuring all sorts of new attractions coming to their parks next year. These videos have become a sort of tradition for both Six Flags and the coaster community, so it’s always very exciting to see what’s in store for the parks in the coming year. This years announcement video had a “cooking show” theme to it, with Six Flags CEO Jim Reid Anderson going through all sorts of wacky antics and making some corny yet humorous references to Gordon Ramsey. Even more enjoyable than the video’s theme were the actual announcements. Although it’s far from the best year Six Flags has ever had, I think it’s also far from the worst. Almost every park got something substantial, even if there weren’t too many coasters to go around. Let’s break down the announcements by ranking them worst to best:

14. Six Flags Magic Mountain – Fright Fest & Holiday in the Park Improvements

We now live in a world where Six Flags’ flagship park has received the worst addition in the chain…that’s absolutely crazy. I almost thought about keeping this off the list, since it’s really not a new attraction, but I thought I’d mention it quick. Since Magic Mountain hasn’t even opened the New for 2019 West Coast Racers to the public yet, they’re going to be taking a break in 2020. The park will still be receiving their “largest ever” Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park expansions, so that’s better than nothing I guess.

13. Six Flags Darien Lake – Wahoo Wave – Water Slide

With the exception of Magic Mountain, I’d like to think that every other Six Flags park got something at least mildly significant this year. Darien Lake is no exception. The park is receiving a new slide with a nearly vertical cutback section in 2020. While it might not be nearly as interesting as the other parks’ additions, I can still see this being a decent addition to the water park. Fellow site member Logan Rodgers actually visited Darien Lake’s water park this past year and said it could benefit from a few more slides, so this should be a welcomed addition.

12. La Ronde – Vipere – Intamin Zacspin Coaster

Yes, this is a technically a new coaster for the park, but it’s also a relocation from Magic Mountain. Vipere used to be known as Green Lantern: First Flight, and it had a reputation for being a less than stellar coaster. I didn’t find it to be nearly as painful as some enthusiasts, but still thought it was a pretty boring and uninspiring attraction. While it’s nice that La Ronde is getting a plus one to their coaster count, I still wish they would’ve received something brand new…even if it was a 4D Free Spin.

11. Six Flags New England – Super Girl Sky Flyer – Zamperla Endeavor

Zamperla Endeavor’s are pretty cool flat rides, but I think New England should have received something a bit larger this year. Personally, I was betting on an Air Launch coaster similar to Maxx Force at Great America. Perhaps next year New England will get a new and original roller coaster.

10. Six Flags America – Harley Quinn Spinsanity – Zamperla Discovery

I’d say a large flat ride like a Discovery is a good addition for a smaller Six Flags park like America. Sure, I think I speak for everyone when I say I wish America would have gotten a new coaster, but we all knew that wouldn’t happen. My only other gripe with this ride is the name. I know Six Flags likes to push the DC theme onto every ride, but naming another Discovery Crazanity proved that they could do otherwise. At the end of the day though, it’s still a decent ride.

9. Six Flags Mexico – Crazanity – Zamperla Discovery

There’s not much to say about this other than they got the name right. Overall, it’s a good addition for another one of the smaller yet more charming Six Flags parks.

8. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Sidewinder Safari – Spinning Wild Mouse

Discovery Kingdom has received a new roller coaster for the past 3 years, which is absolutely wild considering the top Six Flags parks only get a coaster every 2-3 years. Sure, none of their new coasters have been particularly mind-blowing, but they still make good supporting rides for their lineup. I was surprised that Discovery Kingdom actually didn’t have a wild mouse prior to this, but I guess better late than never. The spinning feature is also a plus.

7. Six Flags Over Georgia – Catwoman Whip – Zamperla Endeavor/ Poison Ivy Toxic Twister – Scrambler

Over Georgia ranks above of the rest of the Six Flags parks that got smaller flat rides because it received two. The endeavor is definitely a nice modern flat ride addition, while the scrambler provides a more classic thrill for families to enjoy. It’s also kind of cool that there’s now a ride themed to Poison Ivy.

6. Six Flags St. Louis – Catwoman Whip – Spinning Thrill Ride

St. Louis is ranking higher than most parks this year. They’re receiving a new spinning thrill ride that looks like a large swing that goes upside down. I don’t exactly know what to call it other than that, but I’m glad that Six Flags is adding a new type of thrill ride that isn’t just one of the previously mentioned rides (although those are still decent additions).

5. The Great Escape – Adirondack Outlaw – Spinning Thrill Ride

Great Escape is getting the same exact ride as St. Louis, which is still a great thing. The only reason I’m ranking Great Escape’s ride over St. Louis’ is the name. I love that Six Flags seems to be using more creative and unique names this year (number 1 is also a great example). If only Adirondack Outlaw was the name of a new coaster the park was getting.

4. Six Flags Great America – Tsunami Surge – World’s Tallest Water Coaster

After years of dry park expansion, I’m glad that my home park is giving some much needed love to Hurricane Harbor water park. It’s not like they just put in a slide complex and called it a day either. Tsunami Surge is a full on water coaster that is apparently the “World’s Tallest water coaster”. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser for all fans of the water park, and is in my opinion just what Great America needed this year.

3. Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Dare Devil Dive – Spinning Airplane Ride

I have no idea what to call this ride, but it looks fantastic. It’s one of those spinning thrill rides where you sit in an “airplane” and do various flips as you go around. The whole thing looks like such a cool concept and I hope Six Flags brings to more of their parks in the future. I would LOVE to see this at Great America some day. Also, I’m happy they brought back the Dare Devil Dive name after not using it for a while.

2. Six Flags Over Texas Aquaman Power Wave – Mack Power Splash Coaster

The new Aquaman themed Mack Power Splash was already kind of leaked before the announcements, but nonetheless it’s still a super cool and unique Six Flags addition. It was about time that America got one of these rides, and I’m glad it’s being installed at a Six Flags park. Similarly to the Fiesta Texas addition, I really hope we see more of these at other Six Flags parks in the future.

1. Six Flags Great Adventure – Jersey Devil Coaster – RMC Raptor Coaster

Jersey Devil is the obvious pick for number one Six Flags addition this year. The custom RMC Raptor turned heads the minute it was announced, and could quite possibly be the best New for 2020 roller coaster. The ride has so many things going for it, from the name, to the wild layout, to just the fact that Great Adventure is finally getting a unique roller coaster for the first time in forever. I’ll be interested to see if the coaster is as good as the other RMC Raptor’s, since the layout is larger and won’t feel as fast or whippy. Regardless of how it stacks up to them, I think it’s fair to say that Great Adventure is receiving the best Six Flags 2020 addition.

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