An In-Depth Review of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Disney’s Masterpiece

A Dream Come True

I’ll never forget how excited I was when I first heard the news that Disney had bought Star Wars and was resurrecting the franchise. I’ve enjoyed most of the content they’ve brought forth since then, and I’m looking forward to their new movies and series. However, when Bob Iger announced that Disney would be building an entire Star Wars land, I absolutely lost my mind. This was nothing short of a dream come true. With every passing piece of info we got, the hype grew and grew. It got to a point where I became worried that the land would not be able to reach my expectations. I’ve now had the chance to travel to Batuu a couple of times. here are my thoughts on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

It’s great. It’s absolutely fantastic. Galaxy’s Edge is the single greatest thing I’ve ever experienced in a theme park. Every aspect of it works. I don’t care what others’ opinions on the sequel trilogy are. This land is amazing and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves Star Wars and non-fans alike. If you don’t want anything spoiled stop reading and go as soon you can. I really can’t recommend it enough. For the rest of you, here are my thoughts on the land.

I’ll start first with the physical land itself. Walking into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for the first time is a feeling I will never forget. It honestly feels like you have been transported to Batuu and are no longer in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I know everyone else has hit on this, but the details are flowing out of every inch of this place. I’ll touch on a few of my favorites:

  1. Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is my favorite spot in the land. There are so many unique objects from the Star Wars universes and I’m certain I haven’t found all of them. My favorite thing I’ve found so far is a red helmet worn by an Imperial Guard.
  2. The sounds of Galaxy’s Edge are incredible. Whether its the sounds that come from a piece of machinery or the Millennium Falcon, they all feel authentic. My favorite audio details, however, are the sounds of ships taking off and flying over you. You can’t see these ships, but the sounds are so convincing you feel as if they are really there.
  3. The Millennium Falcon is the centerpiece of the entire land and it is magnificent. It truly is a sight to behold. It also marks the first time an entire Millennium Falcon has been built. My favorite part is the interior, which is full of easter eggs. There is the iconic holochess table which is awesome to sit at, and the spot where Han and Leia kiss in Empire Strikes Back. I also love the Porg nest you can find in this area.

I’ll start diving into some of the specific attractions of the land now. However, I’m not going to touch very much on Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s run. That will be getting its own review later. I’ll start with Savi’s Workshop.


Building a Lightsaber

When I heard guests were going to be able to build their own lightsabers I was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait to build one for myself. Then I found out they’d cost $200. But then I figured they were unlikely to still cost $200 down the road and that this may be the best chance I’d ever have at building one. So, during my Annual Passholder preview, my party signed up to have a spot to build lightsabers. Our time was immediately into our preview time slot so this was also the first thing I experienced in Galaxy’s Edge. This isn’t the build-your-own lightsaber at Disney experience you probably did as a kid. The parts are all metal and hard plastic, and the blades are lit with LEDs. Clearly, these are meant to feel like a real lightsaber would. The building experience is also entirely different. Instead of being given an unorganized assembly line of parts, this is an entire building ceremony. Before going in you are asked to pay (of course) and choose what style you want to build with it. There are 4 styles to choose from: Peace and Justice, Protection and Defense, Power and Control, and Elemental Nature. For my saber, I chose Peace and Justice. After this, you enter the building area. 14 building slots and each show lasts around 15-20 minutes. You are then given the option to choose your kyber crystal. You have a choice of the 4 main colors: Blue, Green, Purple, and Red. I went with blue for mine. Builders are then given a tray with the parts for the selected style. There are 2 options for each area on the hilt.

In order for me to describe the process further I would have to spoil the show, but let’s just say this a great souvenir. It’s expensive yes, but I would say it’s worth it if you’re willing to spend the money.


Oga’s Cantina

The other highly anticipated area in the land in Galaxy’s Edge was Oga’s Cantina. The Cantina promised to provide as close to an authentic Star Wars Cantina experience. They went all out in the pursuit of perfection. All of the beverages are exclusive to the cantina, with the beer and wine being custom brewed for it. I haven’t had any of the drinks myself, but the people I’ve been with that have had them have had mostly good things to say about them. I have had the Batuu Bites, which are effectively chips and other small snacks. I thought they were mostly okay, but I don’t know if I’ll get them again. Overall I’d say the menu could use some more appetizers. What the cantina does excel at is its theming and atmosphere. It’s mostly standing room only, and Disney avoided the temptation to make it too big. It feels like a real cantina would. My favorite part of all, however, is the music (and the DJ who plays it). The music is a 3-hour loop and it’s spectacular. It’s a ton of fun to listen to, and the DJ is even better. If you grew up with the original Star Tours like I did, you’ll remember the pilot droid “R3X”. It was always his first flight to Endor and, of course, things went horribly wrong. R3X went away with the 2011 Star Tours update, but now he’s back! He’s now DJ-R3X and he is in charge of all the music for Oga’s Cantina. It’s amazing for Disney to use a Disney Parks character in a new way like this. He’s easily one of my favorite things in Galaxy’s Edge.

Overall, I’d say the cantina is definitely worth heading into even if you don’t get anything.

Quick-Service Options

As of writing this, I’ve been to one of the quick service options in Black Spire Outpost, Docking Bay 47. And I have to say it’s not bad. I love the theming in this area more than anything else. A ton of the seating areas are made out of old starfighter parts (i.e X-wings, Y-wings, etc.) and it looks awesome. I had the fried chicken and I thought it was pretty good. My brother chose the beef and raved about it, and everyone else in my party thought the food was decent. However, I did think it was a bit pricy, even when compared to other Walt Disney World quick-service options. If you absolutely have to have a meal in Galaxy’s Edge it’s not a bad option.

I can’t currently comment on the food at Ronto’s Roasters, the other QS option. But I can say that the restaurant has some more excellent details. The food is “cooked” using the flames from a pod racing engine that looks very similar to one Anakin used in the worst Star Wars movie to win a pod race. The meat is rotated by a maintenance droid who looks to be from Jabba’s Palace.


My favorite thing about Galaxy’s Edge right now is the characters and cast members. I’ve always loved the walk around Stormtroopers you could meet at the Launch Bay, and here they work even better. They’ve got more lines and it just feels better to be in a real Star Wars land and to have a Stormtrooper ask you for your ID. Kylo Ren, Rey and Chewbacca are also awesome walk-around characters. Little girls will love meeting Rey, and she’ll even take them on “missions” to evade the first order. Rey also even taught my cousin how to properly wield her staph. Overall, the cast members are fantastic. When I’ve been there they’ve always been 100% in character. For instance, I had about a 5-minute conversation with one of them in which I had to try and explain who the Jedi “were” and what a lightsaber is. 

I mentioned earlier how the lightsabers are a great souvenir. Thankfully, Galaxy’s Edge is full of other great souvenirs just like it. There are too many stores with items to be purchased to go into all in detail, but I will say that Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is my favorite. Here you can buy additional kyber crystals for your lightsaber, busts of famous Jedi and Sith, Emperor Palpatine’s robe, and the legacy lightsabers. The legacy lightsabers are just that, replicas of lightsabers weiled by famous Jedi and Sith. I haven’t purchased one for myself (yet), but some very kind cast members allowed me and my brother to use some of them in the store when there weren’t very many people in there and I can confirm, they are awesome. The attention to detail is fantastic, and everything that makes the Savi’s Workshop lightsabers cool is present here as well. I’d also like to touch on the marketplace area which has several different stores. The toy shop is full of star wars toys that appear as though they were handmade by a child in the star wars galaxy, instead of the normal Star Wars action figures you can find at your local Target. All in all, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has plenty of options for you to spend quite a lot of money very quickly. Before you ask about the build-your-own droid experience, I haven’t experienced it yet. As soon as I do, you can expect a review on that as well.


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the absolute coolest thing I’ve ever experienced in a theme park. I can’t wait for the future of this land, and can’t recommend visiting it enough. Seriously go as soon as you can. Be on the lookout for more Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge content from Limitless Park in the near future. May the force be with you!


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