Top 5 Roller Coasters: Correspondent Andrew Brandenburg Edition

A Note from the Editor

While we’re all in quarantine, our Limitless Park crew thought it would be fun to create different Top 5 Roller Coaster lists and compare them with each other. These are meant to be concise lists that showcase what coasters each Limitless Park correspondent likes best. We hope you enjoy this series!

Andrew Krivsky, Editor and Founder of Limitless Park

Limitless Park Correspondent Andrew Brandenburg’s Top 5 Roller Coasters

Let me preface this by saying I haven’t ridden that many coasters compared to most enthusiasts. Since these lists are comprised solely of coasters we’ve ridden, you won’t see a lot of the usual ones that show up on most enthusiasts list (Fury 325, Steel Vengeance, etc.). With most of my coaster count being in Florida, that’s where most of my picks will be from.

5. The Incredible Hulk Coaster, B&M Sit-Down Coaster at Universal Islands of Adventure

I’ve spoken many times on the site about why I love Hulk. It really is a great coaster. Unlike everything else on this list it actually has some solid theming to go with it. The queue is at least decent, and I love the onboard audio. The ride experience itself is also awesome. Every element feels like it has a purpose here and the ride is non-stop action.

4. Montu, B&M Invert at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

When I first rode Montu I was amazed at just how forceful it gets, especially in the back row. The cobra roll and batwing inversions are some of the most forceful moments I’ve felt on a coaster. It also has some moments where it dives in and out of trenches, which are also really good. Montu may not be the flashiest coaster in today’s world, but it still packs quite a punch.

3. Goliath, RMC Hybrid at Six Flags Great America

An RMC typically shows up on most coaster enthusiast Top ‘whatever’ lists. Naturally, I have one on mine. But you’re probably wondering why it’s Goliath? Well, it’s because Goliath is the only RMC I’ve ridden since Iron Gwazi has been delayed due to Covid-19. While I don’t doubt that Goliath is probably a lower-tier RMC, it’s still a great ride. The drop and stall are worth the trip to Great America alone and while it may be short, it doesn’t waste time with anything.

2. Kumba, B&M Sit-Down at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Kumba is a legendary coaster that actually lives up to the hype. While the general public always talks about Shiekra, every enthusiast knows that Kumba is the real star of Busch Gardens (at least until Iron Gwazi opens). We have a full review on our site so I won’t go into too much detail, but man does it start off with a bang. The massive loop through the lift hill is insane, and the famous interlocking corkscrews are always a good time. Simply put, Kumba is a must-do at Busch Gardens Tampa.


1.  Mako, B&M Hyper at SeaWorld Orlando

As a Florida coaster enthusiast, this one should be pretty obvious. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about Mako more than any other attraction on this site (here’s my full review). I don’t have much else to say other than this: when a standard roller coaster with no theming like Mako cracks my Top 10 Orlando Area Attractions list two years in a row even with different entries added to the new list, that means it’s a great ride. The first massive airtime hill is my favorite element on any coaster that I’ve ridden. That’s not to say the rest of the ride isn’t excellent though, because it is. Long story short, next time you have the opportunity to go to SeaWorld Orlando, you must go. Even if it’s just for Mako.

That’s my list! Be on the lookout for more Top 5’s from the rest of our contributors soon!

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