Top 5 Roller Coasters: Correspondent Soren Miller Edition

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While we’re all in quarantine, our Limitless Park crew thought it would be fun to create different Top 5 Roller Coaster lists and compare them with each other. These are meant to be concise lists that showcase what coasters each Limitless Park correspondent likes best. We hope you enjoy this series!


Limitless Park Correspondent Soren Miller’s Top 5 Roller Coasters

What I look for in coasters are re-ride ability, intensity, and uniqueness. Although there are many great coasters to choose from, these 5 coasters were above and beyond the rest.

5.) Iron Rattler – Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Iron Rattler is an amazing coaster and is super unique. The twisted first drop is one of the best drops I’ve ever experienced. Also, the drop off the quarry wall is super good and has great airtime. Although the ride might not be super fast or intense on top of the quarry wall, it is still super re-ridable and intense everywhere else on the ride.

Iron Rattler | Six Flags Wiki | Fandom

4.) X2 – Six Flags Magic Mountain

X2 is an insane ride and that will leave you not knowing what is up and what is down. The drop is crazy and the rest of the ride is just disorienting. Some people say that the ride is rough, but I believe that it just adds to the intensity. The transitions of the cars are a little jerky but do not affect the ride at all. The ride is just insane and super intense.

Details about X2, Roller Coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain 8x10 ...

3.) Millennium Force – Cedar Point

Millennium Force is definitely the most re-ridable ride on this list. This iconic coaster does not get enough credit for how good it is. From the beautiful view on the top of the cable lift to the huge drop right on Lake Erie, this coaster is great. This coaster glides over the airtime hills and turns with pops of airtime all throughout the ride. Although it might not be the most unique coaster, it’s fairly intense and super re-ridable. Don’t underestimate this amazing coaster.

Millennium Force, Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio from The Scariest and ...

2.) Fury 325 – Carowinds

Fury is an incredible coaster that never gets old. The massive coaster can be seen miles away and it is the tallest and fastest giga coaster in the world. The first drop is incredible and the quick transition turns over the midway are crazy. This coaster has some very unique elements and is super intense. It is also super re-ridable and definitely the best giga coaster I’ve ridden.

Fury 325, York County, South Carolina - Fury 325

1.) Steel Vengeance- Cedar Point

Wow! This coaster blew me away the first time I rode it and it still blows me away every time I ride it. Words cannot even describe this coaster. From the 90° drop, over 25 seconds of airtime, the intensity, the inversions, and the length, the ride was a hit out of the park for Cedar Point. After the first half, you hit the mid course break run which allows time to process what just happened, and then you get into the most intense part of the ride, the part inside of the supports or the third layer. This ride is like no other and it is super re- ridable.This was a perfect coaster and they couldn’t change anything about it to make it better.

NewsPlusNotes: The Latest From Cedar Point on Steel Vengeance + ...

That’s my top 5! Make sure to check out all of the other top 5 lists on our website!

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