5 Reasons Why Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the Best Theme Park Land Ever

Last year Disney debuted Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to both Disneyland in California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida. Here are 5 reasons why I think Galaxy’s Edge is the best theme park land ever created. May the 4th be with you!

5. Wandering Characters

Galaxy’s Edge bucked the trend of regular character meet-and-greets by sending the characters out into the land to walk around and interact with guests. Of course, there are iconic characters from the new sequel trilogy walking around, such as Rey and Kylo Ren. These two can almost always be found somewhere in the land, and they will act as if they are the real deal. Surprisingly, the best character interactions come from smaller characters in the franchise, particularly the Storm Troopers. These characters have less background and guests have less of a preconceived idea of who they are, so that gives them a little more leeway to say and do whatever they want to enhance the overall story of the land. Even the cast members in retail, food service, and ride operation will say little things such as “this will cost (blank) credits” which make them feel like locals from Batuu. I hope Disney improves on this in the future by adding even more characters to see and interact with.

4. Star Wars Food

Who wouldn’t want to eat food from the Star Wars universe? Sure, it’s technically all real food that you can find on Earth, but the way that Disney presents all the different meals and snacks is what makes you feel like you’re eating something from science-fiction. The obvious example is the Blue and Green milk, which in reality is some sort of delicious fruit smoothie. There are also numerous other dining options such as the Mustafarian Roll, which is a cookie-crumble-topped cinnamon roll, or the Ronto Wrap, a sausage wrapped in chicken and flat bread, just to name a few. Even the Coke products come in their own specialized bottles written in the language and font of the Star Wars Universe.

3. Flying the Millennium Falcon

When Disney first announced they were building Galaxy’s Edge, I’m sure everyone at one point or another wondered if they would get to fly the Millennium Falcon, which has been a staple of the Star Wars franchise since it debuted on big screen in the 1970s. Sure enough Disney granted this wish, and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run literally lets you and 5 others pilot the Falcon. They could have just created a regular simulator where you get to ride along with the pilots, but they upped their game by allowing to actually control the ship. I’ve sadly only gotten to be in the Gunner position on the ride, but even that was a fun experience that made me feel like I was in some sort of Star Wars video game. The special touch of this ride is that how good/bad you do actually determines how damaged the ship looks as you exit the ride. If you get a good final score, the interior walls of the Falcon will look brand new. If you do poorly, the walls will be falling apart with different technology malfunctioning and pipelines sparking. It’s a wonderful experience, yet somehow it’s not even the best ride in the land.

2. A Hyper-Immersive Atmosphere

From the minute you step into Galaxy’s Edge you are transported to a completely different world, and Disney does an excellent job in doing this. As soon as you cross under the entrance tunnel you begin to hear the natural sounds of Batuu, which is the outer-rim planet the land is themed to. The otherworldly plants and mountainous backdrops do wonders to enhance the experience. As you get further into the land and arrive in the bustling hub of Black Spire Outpost, the sounds and scenery increases in scale. All over the place you can hear the noises of spaceships taking off, which is really remarkable considering there aren’t actually any real ships. The whole thing comes together in a wonderful package that makes you want to sit for a moment and just soak everything in.

Rise of the Resistance

We’ve said it multiple times on this website, and I’ll say it again. Rise of the Resistance is the best theme park ride to ever exist. It’s a truly ground breaking experience that is broken into an immersive queue and multiple ride systems. It really takes the idea of putting guests in a movie to the next level. I won’t go too in-depth with the ride, since I do think people should try to stay as spoiler-free as possible if they haven’t ridden the attraction yet. If you’d like to know a bit more about the ride without reading spoilers, you can check out our spoiler-free review here. If you have ridden Rise of the Resistance before, then you can be like me and watch a POV on Youtube to relive the experience!

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May the 4th be with you!

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