Alabama Adventure Confirms 2021 Attraction Will Be a Water Park Expansion

Alabama Adventure has officially confirmed via Instagram that their new-for-2021 attraction will be water park addition. Here is the post:

This video follows a previous post uploaded on December 2nd, which shows two park guests witnessing a giant Christmas present in the middle of the park. You can watch this video here:

Prior to the latest video, there was speculation of whether or not the park could be getting a new roller coaster. Now that this is not that case, it will be interesting to see what water park attraction the park will receive. There is some speculation that the addition will be a mat racer slide, due to a survey the park sent out which asked the question, “If we were to get a new attraction in the future, what type of attraction would you like to see”. The options for answers to the question were a carousel, a kid’s antique car ride, a “head first high-thrill, family racer slide” (mat racer slide), and a zip line. The mat racer is the only option for a water park expansion.

Alabama Adventure will reveal the new attraction on December 25th (Christmas Day), 2020.

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