Kings Island Camp Cedar Resort to open Spring 2021

A new luxury outdoor resort is on its way to Kings Island. The $27 million project, named Kings Island Camp Cedar Resort, will feature RV spots and cottages for guests to stay.

The resort comes to fruition via a partnership between the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company and two other companies: Small Brothers, LLC and Terra Firma Associates. Cedar Fair will actually operate the property, while the latter two companies will actually own it.

Kings Island Camp Cedar Resort will open with 164 RV spots and 73 cottages, with 100 cottages to come at a later date. Resort guests will have plenty to do besides visit the neighboring theme park, as the resort will feature two pools, a walking trail, and other outdoor activities.

The resort will also have multiple dining options. An outdoor cantina will feature American, Mexican and Italian fare in a casual setting, while a signature indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar will be found in The Grand Lodge. This main building will also feature shops, an exercise facility, and a large fireplace.

 Mike Koontz, the Vice President and General manager of Kings Island, provided the following comment on Kings Island Camp Cedar Resort:

“The addition of Kings Island Camp Cedar luxury outdoor resort will make a visit to our park even more memorable.” 

Kings Island Camp Cedar Resort is set to open Spring 2021.

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