Aquaman: Power Wave Roller Coaster at Six Flags Over Texas Delayed to 2022

A recent update on the Six Flags Over Texas website claims that Aquaman: Power Wave will open in 2022. The Mack Rides Power Splash roller coaster was set to open in 2020 before receiving an initial delay to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the official website, the coaster has once again been delayed to 2022. Here is a screenshot of the website:

Speculation in the coaster community has led to the theory that Six Flags would like to add a turn-table system to the ride’s station. This unique loading system would allow for two trains to run on the roller coaster, as opposed to the single train the ride currently has. If Six Flags chooses to replace the current system with a turn-table, this would greatly increase the ride’s capacity, which many coaster enthusiasts believe to be an extremely smart move that is worth the delay.

There is also a small chance that “Coming in 2022” is a typo. The Six Flags Over Texas website contains multiple errors, such as saying that Aquaman: Power Splash goes upside down (it doesn’t) or that the ride is built by Mach Rides (the company’s name is Mack Rides). However, as funny as it would be for Six Flags to mess up an entire opening date, this is very unlikely.

Below you will find some pictures we took of Aquaman: Power Splash during our visit to Six Flags Over Texas in March. The ride has been nearly completed since then.

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