Legoland Florida’s Project Venus: A 4.5 Acre Theme Park Expansion

A plan for a 4.5 acre expansion at Legoland Florida has been leaked via Florida’s permitting websites. Titled “Project Legoland Venus”, the new expansion shows plans to use part of the current parking lot to build a new area. Legoland has not officially confirmed these plans yet, which were initially discovered by GrowthSpotter.

The leaked plans show multiple rides and attractions occupying the expansion, a new 11,850 foot building, and some different play areas. There is also a new pedestrian crosswalk on Bus Loop Drive that would connect the new section of the park to the Lego Movie World section.

Kelly Hornick, a spokeswoman for Legoland Florida Resort, commented on the expansion but did not confirm exactly what’s happening:

“You’ll have to wait until next year for more expansion news,” she said in an email to GrowthSpotter.

No attractions have been confirmed for the new expansion. That said, there is some speculation as to what might be coming to Legoland Florida in the near future. While looking at the documents for the expansion, it can be theorized that the park will be receiving some sort of roller coaster, a drop tower, a type of “spinning” attraction, a tracked “antique car”-like ride, a water play area, and more rides that are undeterminable.

There is also some speculation around the name “Project Venus”. In an Attractions Magazine article covering the expansion, the writer’s theorize that the name Venus could be a link to outer space and Benny the astronaut from The Lego Movie. This could make sense because of the aforementioned walkway connection to the Lego Movie World area of the park.

It could also be speculated that Project Venus is a reference to Greek or Roman mythology, as Venus is the Roman name of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. This could be a similar land to the new Lego Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures, which was recently announced for Legoland Windsor in the United Kingdom.

Hopefully Legoland Florida will reveal more information about this future expansion in 2021.

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