Wild Adventures retires Cheetah wooden coaster

It seems that Georgia is losing a fan-favorite roller coaster in 2021. Cheetah, a wooden roller coaster that resides at Wild Adventures theme park, is closing for good. The news comes from a Screamscape reader who contacted the park to find out whether or not the ride would be reopening, after it sat SBNO (standing-but-not-operating) for the 2020 season. The park responded with the following statement:

“Unfortunately the Cheetah roller coaster has been retired to make room for new and exciting changes in the coming years,” park officials said.

This is positive or negative, depending on how you look at it. Cheetah is the park’s only wooden roller coaster, and its removal will leave a huge gap in their lineup. However, the aforementioned “new and exciting changes” could point towards a new experience—possibly a roller coaster. Wild Adventures is owned by Herschend Family Entertainment, which also owns Dollywood and Silver Dollar City. These parks have received major developments in the past five years, so maybe it’s Wild Adventures’ turn.

Cheetah was built by roller coaster manufacturer Custom Coasters International in 2001. The roller coaster was technically a hybrid, as it had a steel structure and wooden track. The ride reached a top speed of 52 mph and had a 90 foot drop. It was one of seven roller coasters at Wild Adventures. Other notable coasters at the park include Twisted Typhoon (a 1999 Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster) and Boomerang (a 1998 Vekoma Boomerang).

Missing Cheetah already? Here’s a POV:

. . . . .

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