Intamin opens revamped “Twist & Twist” Impulse Coaster model in China

CHONGQING, China — It has long been thought that Intamin ceased production of their Impulse Coaster models years ago. For a while, the most recent coaster of this type was Possessed at Dorney Park, and even that is just a relocated coaster that originally opened in 2000. Even further dating the model is the fact that Possessed is a Twist & Spike version of the coaster (one end of the coaster is a vertical twist and the other is a vertical spike); the Twist & Twist version (featuring a twist on each end) hasn’t been seen since Cedar Point opened Wicked Twister in 2002…until now.

Wicked Twister at Cedar Point. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Enter Chongqing Sunac Land. This small Chinese theme park opened in 2020 with only a small mine train roller coaster. In 2021, the park is upping their coaster count by adding Legendary Twin Dragon, which happens to be the long lost Intamin Twist & Twist model.

Here’s a POV and some off-ride footage of the brand new impulse coaster.

Although Legendary Twin Dragon is a Twist & Twist model, there are still some notable differences from its predecessor Wicked Twister. The Chinese version is listed on as 70 meters, while Cedar Point’s is only 66 meters. This means that the coaster at Chongqing Sunac Land is slightly taller, faster and longer than any other Intamin Impulse Coaster in existence.

Also, the track on Legendary Twin Dragon seems to be a bit different, sporting a slimmer look as it nears the top of each twist. This is most likely just an updated design choice.

Intamin Impulse Coasters are known to suffer from copious amounts of downtime. Whenever a park with one of these is rumored to be closing a coaster, everyone always points to the Impulse (looking at you Wicked Twister…or V2 at Six Flags Great America). It is unknown if Intamin has fixed this issue with Legendary Twin Dragon.

Do you think Intamin will build more of these revitalized Twist & Twist Impulse Coasters elsewhere in the world? If so, where? Let us know in the comments.

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