Columbus Zoo announces new spinning roller coaster for 2021 – Tidal Twist

There is one new roller coaster coming to Ohio in 2021, and believe it or not it’s not opening at Cedar Point or Kings Island. On April 15, the Columbus Zoo tweeted that they are building a new family spinning roller coaster named Tidal Twist. The tweet is accompanied by a photo of the land that has been cleared as well as some footers for the ride.

The biggest draw for Tidal Twist will of course be the way the cars spin. For the first part of the ride, the cars will stay fixed facing forward on the track. Halfway through the layout they will “unlock” and spontaneously rotate back and forth for the remainder of the ride. Surprisingly, this roller coaster is a first of its kind in Ohio. Neither Cedar Point nor Kings Island, the states’ two biggest theme parks, feature spinning coasters.

Tidal Twist will stand at a height of 36 feet tall and reach speeds of 30 mph. The ride is manufactured by Zamperla. It appears to be the company’s Compact Twister Coaster model, of which there is only one currently operating in North America. Here is a POV of Crazy Mouse, the other Zamperla Compact Twister Coaster at The Park at OWA in Alabama:

Once Tidal Twist opens, Columbus Zoo will become the first zoo in the United States to feature two roller coasters. Sea Dragon, a wooden roller coaster designed by famed coaster designer John C. Allen, opened at the zoo in 1956.

The new spinning roller coaster will be built in the Adventure Cove area of the zoo. It will occupy land that was previously home to the Redwood Falls log flume ride, a water attraction that was demolished back in March.

After a rough 2020 season, Tidal Twist will hopefully breathe new life into the Columbus Zoo. The roller coaster will surely be a success and draw coaster enthusiasts from all over the United States to Ohio to “take a spin” on it once it opens.

Tidal Twist is set to open at the Columbus Zoo in June 2021. Visit for more information.


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