Kings Island Trip Report – September 2022

Ahoy! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a trip report…or any article in a while. I promise the hiatus will be well worth it, as I’ve been working on a huge overhaul for Limitless Park that will completely change the purpose of the website. I plan to have the first phase done by January 2023, so make sure to follow to stay updated with all the changes! In the meantime, let’s throw it back to the good ol’ days of trip reports. Let’s go to Kings Island!

Brandon and I decided to make a short visit to the park for Labor Day Weekend. We expected heavy crowds and a rainy forecast, so our outlook for the day was very low-stakes. We arrived at the park around 12 pm. Normally I like to show up to a theme park at opening, but it was nice to not feel super rushed or wait to get inside. Surprisingly, there was no line at security or the gates, so it took less than 10 minutes to get inside.

What a gloomy day! I’ll be throwing in some pictures from my May trip as well, since it was much nicer that day.

We immediately went to the back of the park to ride Beast. The longest wooden roller coaster in the world had recently been re-tracked (when I visited in May it was still closed) and I was excited to see how smooth it was.

Oops I don’t have any recent pictures of the Beast so here’s one of the sign from 2018 lol

As expected, the parts that were re-done felt brand new, and it re-cemented the Beast as my favorite roller coaster at the park. I still can’t get over the double helix after the second drop. It feels like you’re going to fly right off the track! Also, does anyone know if it was just the drop that was re-tracked? You can clearly tell that it’s new wood on that first part, but the double helix also felt very smooth. If anyone knows if that part was re-tracked as well, let me know in the comments!

Next up was Orion. Brandon and I had only ridden the park’s new for 2020 Giga Coaster once before, and we thought it was just okay. However, this time we got a back row ride and it was HAULING. Maybe it was just because we hadn’t eaten in a while, but Brandon and I both greyed out a couple times. The drop was also phenomenal and so reminiscent of Fury. I’d say it now sits and number three in the park for me.

After those two rides, we hit up Panda Express in the Festhaus near the entrance to the park. Sure, the food wasn’t the best, but the A/C felt amazing. Once we were refueled on orange chicken and lo mein, we headed to Bat.

Bat, the park’s Arrow Suspended Coaster, was one of a few coasters Brandon had yet to ride at the park. We managed to get on just in time, as the park shut all the coasters down for thunderstorms in the area immediately after our ride.

The Bat is just a little too short to be considered a good ride. Oh well.

We took shelter in Starbucks to wait out the rain. I had a delicious Pineapple Passionfruit refresher!

Stealing this Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher pic from DFB. Dare I say the Kings Island Starbucks is better than the Magic Kingdom Starbucks?

Once the storm had mostly subsided, we headed over to Mystic Timbers. The park’s GCI wooden coaster was running fantastic due to the rain. I’ve had good and bad rides on Mystic Timbers, but this one was absolutely out of control. I did get a water droplet in my eye though due to the light rain though, so that hurt.

After Mystic Timbers came Backlot Stunt Coaster. I will always be surprised just how intense the launch and upwards helix are. Sure, the rest of the ride is a standard family launch coaster, but I always grey out at the beginning. I know, I’m weak sauce.

Our final ride of the day would be adventure express, the park’s mine train with the funniest ending to any ride ever. For those of you who know about the final lift hill on this thing, I give my sincerest *statue shaking fist motion* to you.

That was our short day at Kings Island! Not bad for only 6 hours on a rainy Labor Day weekend. We’ll be back at the park for Haunt in October. Hope to see you there!


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