Top 10 Roller Coasters at Six Flags Great America – 2016 Edition

NOTE: This post is outdated! A new, updated post is on the way, and will include a spot for The Joker!

Hey everyone! Today I found myself sitting in school, wishing I was riding a roller coaster. Even if I had the time to go ride one, it would still be impossible. Why? Because we’re currently in the off-season. It’s that time of year when all coaster enthusiasts, including me, become depressed due to closure of most theme parks around the world. For me, it’s my home park Six Flags Great America. I won’t be able to visit the park until sometime next year…

That doesn’t mean I can’t obsess and talk about it though.

In order to hopefully subdue some of my desire to go to the park, I feel now is the perfect time to debut a new category of reviews for the blog. Introducing the Top 10 Roller Coasters at Six Flags Great America!

10.) THE DEMON – Custom Looping Coaster by Arrow Dynamics                                        POV (Courtesy of CoasterForce):

Let me start off by saying that I personally don’t think Great America has a bad coaster. Perhaps I’m biased, but I think there’s more good than bad in all of their rides. Even the Demon. Most people shun this coaster because it’s rough. It certainly is, but I don’t believe that makes it a bad ride. I love the double vertical loops, the corkscrews are decent, and the theming isn’t half bad for a Six Flags park. In addition to this, The Demon was also the first coaster to receive the Rage of the Gargoyles VR, which from my understanding makes it the best synced-up ride of any of the coasters with that version of VR.

9.) SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight – Flying Coaster by B&M                                                      POV (Courtesy of CoasterForce):

I have a love-hate relationship with this ride. It has so many things going for it. The awesome B&M flying trains, the banked turns, and the fun in-line twist at the end. There’s only one thing keeping this coaster from being in my top 5 (besides the short ride time): The pretzel loop. This first inversion is, in my opinion, the most intense thing I have ever experienced on a roller coaster. It’s not a good intense either. I find it somewhat painful, and usually try to avoid riding the ride because of this. It’s still a fun coaster though, and I look forward to trying other B&M flyers in the future.

8.) THE DARK KNIGHT COASTER – Wild Mouse by MACK Rides                                            POV (Courtesy of Front Seat Coasters):

This small coaster managed to surprise me. Coming from someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy Goofy’s Sky School at Disney’s California Adventure, I wasn’t to excited about trying another Wild Mouse. However, this thing is a LOT of fun. The seats are more comfortable, it’s not super rough, and the theming is fun. It’s also indoors, which is great for getting out of the sun on a hot day. Overall, one of the best family coasters I’ve ever ridden.

7.) VIPER – Wooden Coaster by Six Flags                                                                                     POV (Courtesy of CoasterForce):

Viper is perhaps the most underrated coaster of the entire park. It is simply outstanding. It has a ton of airtime, lots of head choppers, and a layout that will lift you out of your seat. Sure, it’s a bit rough, but I wouldn’t say that makes it unenjoyable. Most wooden coasters have a rougher ride to them, and I think it just adds to the overall out-of-control feel you get during the ride.

6.) BATMAN: The Ride – Inverted Coaster by B&M                                                                   POV (Courtesy of CoasterForce):

I mentioned earlier how the pretzel loop on Superman is a bad version of intensity. Batman: The Ride is the opposite. The entire ride is incredibly intense, from its corkscrews to its helices. It has a total of five inversions, which make for a pretty long ride time. It was also the first inverted roller coaster to ever be built, making it a must-see landmark for many coaster enthusiasts. For the most intense experience, I recommend sitting in the back row (You might grey out!).

5.) VERTICAL VELOCITY (V2) – Impulse Coaster by Intamin                                                 POV (Courtesy of CoasterForce):

This was the final credit I had to receive at my home park (Besides the kiddie coasters), and wow, did it surprise me. I expected it to be a short, boring ride that simply traveled up and down two spikes. Man, was I wrong. Right of the bat, this coaster has your adrenaline pumping with a 70 mph launch in less than 4 seconds. Once you fly backwards into the non-twisting spike, you experience a sensation of weightlessness that has been unmatched by any other coaster I’ve ridden. Overall, it was a very impressive ride.

4.) AMERICAN EAGLE – Wooden Coaster by Intamin                                                              POV (Courtesy of CoasterForce):

American Eagle is the best classic wooden roller coaster I have ridden to date. It has everything a wooden coaster needs to be great. Airtime? Check. Roughness? Check. Racing? Check. Giant helix that makes you feel like you’re going to fly off the track at any minute? Well, that one’s a bonus. Perhaps the best part about this ride though, is how it manages to get such short lines! If you’re looking to ride something multiple times in the middle of a busy day, I highly recommend American Eagle.

3.) GOLIATH – Wooden Coaster by RMC                                                                                       POV (Courtesy of Theme Park Review):

I know I’m going with an unpopular opinion when I say Goliath is overrated. Yea, I said it. Literally everyone I go to the park with says it’s “the best ride ever”, but I can’t help but disagree. Perhaps it’s cause I’ve ridden the fantastic Wicked Cyclone out at Six Flags New England (My favorite coaster to date!). Anyways, this ride is still amazing. It gives a super intense ride, the dive loop is crazy, the hang time on the zero-g roll is incredible, and the drop is, well, terrifying. It definitely deserves its place on the list of scariest coasters, and is a fantastic, smooth ride by Rocky Mountain Construction. I just believe there are two other rides that beat it to first and second place.

2.) RAGING BULL – Hyper Coaster by B&M                                                                                  POV (Courtesy of CoasterForce):

Raging Bull is the only B&M hyper coaster I’ve ridden. Once I ride more, maybe my opinion will change. But for now, I think Raging Bull is a fantastic roller coaster. It is the only B&M hyper to have a twister model, which means it focuses on banked turns more than airtime. That said, I still think there is plenty of airtime-filled hills. In order for a hyper to be great, I believe you need a good combination of wild banking and airtime hills. Overall, I think Raging Bull accomplishes that. I also recommend waiting a little extra for the front row, and getting a night ride for the best experience.

1.) X-FLIGHT – Wing Coaster by B&M                                                                                           POV (Courtesy of Theme Park Review):

And so we’ve reached my number one coaster at Six Flags Great America: X-Flight. I realize this is an extremely unpopular opinion, but there’s something about this ride that I just love. However, in order for me to enjoy this ride as much as I do, I need to sit in the front row on the right side. As long as I’m sitting there, X-Flight gives the best experience out of any roller coaster at Great America. The dive drop in the front seat is insane. The zero-G rolls and Immelmann keep the ride at a steady pace. Finally, the in-line twist is single-handedly the coolest inversion I have ever experienced. It takes it’s time turning you upside down, and keeps a perfect speed during the entirety of the ride. Yes, the restraints are a bit uncomfortable at the end, but they aren’t a problem during the duration of the actual ride. What really intrigues me is how people say this is one of the weaker B&M wing coasters. If this is true, I would be very interested in trying one of the higher rated ones at Holiday World or Thorpe Park some day. For now though, X-Flight will remain my favorite coaster at Great America.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my personal Top 10 Roller Coasters at Six Flags Great America. Whether you agree or disagree with me, I’d love to hear your opinions on where you rank each of these rides. Be sure to leave a like, and follow us for more Top 10’s, as well as other theme park related posts! Thanks for reading!


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