Top 10 most anticipated coasters at Magic Mountain – 2017 Edition

In a few months time, I’ll be heading out to California for my Spring Break trip. While we’re there, I hope to spend at least a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California riding some of the best coasters ever built! They have an astounding lineup, with 19 roller coasters total. This makes SFMM the record holder for most coasters at a single park! Although I’m sure I won’t have the time to get all 19 credits, I’ve still compiled a list of the top 10 coasters I want ride most at Magic Mountain. Here we go!

10: Green Lantern: First Flight

POV Courtesy of TheCoasterViews

Green Lantern is an Intimin ZacSpin coaster that usually gets a lot of hate. For me, it looks like a primitive version of the new S&S 4D Freespin clone that’s coming to Great America this year. Although this ride might be rough, and my Uncle’s girlfriend (An LA Local) tells me it will “break my neck”, I still really want to ride this thing. I mean, if it’s an Intimin, then how bad can it really be?

9. Ninja

POV Courtesy of Coaster Force

I’m really looking forward to Ninja. It will be my first Arrow suspended coaster, and it looks fantastic! I’m a huge fan of coasters that work with the terrain, such as Whizzer at Great America, or the various alpine coasters throughout the world. Ninja looks to do just that, which should make it a very enjoyable experience.

8. Riddler’s Revenge

POV Courtesy of Coaster Force

This B&M stand up coaster has constantly been voted the best of its kind. I’ve never ridden a stand up coaster before (I never got to experience Iron Wolf), so it’ll be a first for me. I’m specifically looking forward to the inclined loop. I’d consider it to be one of the most interesting-looking elements on a coaster. The dive loops also look pretty cool!

7. X2

POV Courtesy of TheCoasterViews

I think most people would expect this to be higher up on my list. However, I don’t think I will end up being a fan of this ride. I’ve never been to keen on spinning rides, as well as Arrow’s coasters in general. Of course, this isn’t as rough as some of their coasters out there, but it’s still known to be a little jerky. That said, the mechanics on this thing are purely amazing! The idea of a 4D coaster is still mind-boggling to me. Therefor, even if it most likely won’t end up being my type of coaster, I still look forward to giving it a go.

6. Apocalypse

For some reason I find it surprising to say that I’ve never ridden a GCI woodie. I always forget that Viper at Great America wasn’t built by them (not my brightest enthusiast moment). Even though some consider it to be one of the weaker, rougher GCIs, I still think the layout looks super fun and intense! Plus there’s a bit of theming involved!

5. Scream!

POV Courtesy of Coaster Force

After riding my first floorless coaster, Batman: The Dark Knight at Six Flags New England, I’ve had a strong desire to ride another one. Although I do prefer wing coasters as my favorite B&M model, I’d say the floorless comes in at number 2 (I haven’t ridden a Giga yet guys!). Though it gets some heat for being built over a parking lot, the coaster itself looks to have a fantastic layout. I can’t wait to ride Scream!

4. Tatsu

POV Courtesy of Coaster Force

Even though I kind of dislike Superman: Ultimate Flight, I’m still quite excited to ride Tatsu. I love almost everything about how this coaster looks. The scenery around it is fantastic, the lift hill is intimidating, and the twists and rolls look extremely graceful! If it weren’t for that damn pretzel loop, Tatsu might’ve actually made the top of my list!

3. Superman: Escape from Krypton

POV Courtesy of TheCoasterViews

Now we’re getting into the really good stuff. Superman at Magic Mountain will be my first coaster over 400 feet. That’s a whole 100 plus feet more than my current tallest coaster, Superman: The Ride at SF New England. The irony is that I used to hate heights, but now I can’t seem to get enough of them! Although it might be a shorter ride, it still easily looks like one of the best roller coasters at Magic Mountain.

2. Twisted Colossus

POV Courtesy of Coaster Force

As you may or may not know, I am a HUGE fan of Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England. It currently holds my number one coaster spot. The same year Wicked Cyclone opened, we also saw the arrival of another RMC, Twisted Colossus. I’m really wondering if this ride could surpass WC or not. Some say its better, yet others prefer the Cyclone. I hope I’ll be able to get a dueling ride on Twisted Colossus. Otherwise I’m just not sure if it will be better than Wicked Cyclone or not. In order to not get my hopes up too high, I’ve placed one more coaster ahead of TC as my number one most anticipated coaster at Magic Mountain…

1. Full Throttle

POV Courtesy of Coaster Force

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I love launch coasters. California Screamin’ at Disney’s California Adventure currently holds my top spot for launch coasters, and a solid number 3 on my overall coaster rankings. I wouldn’t be surprised if this (or Xcelerator at Knott’s if we go there) surpasses it. Most people give Throttle a bit of hate for its lousy drop and short ride time, but I think what matters most is the launch. Oh, and the extremely large 160 foot tall loop is pretty daunting too. It’s definitely my most hyped ride at Magic Mountain.


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