Mt. Olympus Theme Park Review – October 2017

Back in September, I paid a visit to Mt. Olympus Theme and Water Park in the Wisconsin Dells. Despite being a native Wisconsinite, I had never actually been to this park before. It was quite interesting to finally ride some coasters at what is, if you don’t count Six Flags Great America, my home(state) park.

My first major point to make is that Mt. Olympus isn’t a very large park at all. It’s home to 5 roller coasters (1 is a kiddie coaster), 7 Go-Kart tracks, a couple of different flat rides, and a water park. Also, every roller coaster except the kiddie coaster is wooden, causing the park to lack variety in its lineup. If you come on an off-day, you really don’t have to spend a lot of time at the park to ride everything they have to offer.

Note that I said “off-day”. We visited on Memorial Day Weekend, which was a huge mistake. The park was filled to the brim with people with similar intentions of spending their holiday at Mt. Olympus. This caused wait-times for attractions to skyrocket.

That isn’t even taking the park’s terrible operations into account. Throughout the day, each roller coaster was only running one train. Dispatches were also atrocious, usually clocking in at anywhere from 3-6 minutes. By 11 o’clock, the park’s star attraction, Hades 360, already had an hour wait.

Although the park’s operations were awful, the actual coasters were quite decent. Hades 360 was definitely the most enjoyable, with a pitch-black underground tunnel and unique inversion. Zeus and Pegasus were okay, but did have quite a bit of roughness in some parts. To our disappointment, the park’s fourth wooden coaster, Cyclops, was closed for the entire day due to unknown reasons (most likely maintenance).

We only managed to get on one of the seven different Go-Karts: The Trojan Horse track. This mediocre go-kart ride was also extremely disappointing. Normally, riders are able to drive their go-karts through a giant Trojan Horse, one of the icons of Mt. Olympus. However, the park has actually blocked off the track going through the horse, making it just another boring, unoriginal go-kart track. Hopefully the spiral up to the horse is reopened sometime in the future.

Another thing that really annoyed me was the park’s odd, disorienting layout. It has two entrances at opposite ends of the park, which can be really confusing for guests who don’t know where to enter. There is also little signage throughout the park, and lots of random pathways that lead to dead ends. It’s as if the park was designed with little thought about guest traffic patterns, and it causes a lot of congestion on different pathways.

Overall, Mt. Olympus is far from greatness. It’s operations are awful, rides are closed without warning, Zeus and Pegasus are in desperate need of a retrack, and the park’s layout is frustrating. I didn’t even touch on the lack of reinforcement of park rules (so many guests were line-jumping). Yes, there are some small rays of sunshine in how good of a coaster Hades 360 is, or how the park excels in having some great landscaping, but the cons sadly outweigh the pros. Mt. Olympus as a whole is a big problem that desperately needs a solution. Luckily, every problem is solvable.


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