NEWS: Six Flags America Announces Closure of Apocalypse: The Last Stand – August 2018

Six Flags America has just announced that Apocalypse: The Last Stand will be closing forever on Saturday, September 8th.

Apocalypse is a stand up roller coaster that was brought to the park in 2012, after operating under the name Iron Wolf at Six Flags Great America since 1990. The ride is the first roller coaster to ever be built by the manufacturer B&M, making it an important milestone in roller coaster history.

That said, Apocalypse isn’t necessarily known for giving the best rides. Stand-up coasters are usually not the most comfortable of rides due to their awkward restraints (that can sometimes harm certain male body parts), and this one is no different. The layout is also nothing to write home about, as it is short and only has two inversions (a vertical loop and a corkscrew). Apocalypse may have an important history, but it most likely won’t be missed by many.

The exact future of Apocalypse is uncertain. It could either be getting scrapped, sent to another park, or receiving the floorless treatment. The floorless treatment is something different theme parks have been doing recently to their old stand up coasters. It involves switching the trains from a stand up cars to sit down, “floorless” cars to make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable. Examples of this are Mantis at Cedar Point being converted to Rougarou, or Vortex at California’s Great America being converted to Patriot.

The result of Apocalypse’s closure will likely be announced on August 31st, the day that Six Flags chooses to announce all of the new additions at their parks. Hopefully whatever   replaces Apocalypse, whether it be just the floorless treatment or an entire new ride, will be worth the wait!

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