2019 Theme Park Predictions and Announcements

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2018 is finally here, and almost every theme park has announced their plans for new additions coming this year. That means it’s already time to start speculating on what 2019 will bring us!

Similarly to last year, what I’ve created here is a list of my predictions for what new attractions we’ll see at different North American theme parks in 2019. Keep in mind, all of these predictions are a mere combination of guessing and hoping. Even though I think something is going to happen next year, doesn’t mean it actually will.

As the year goes on, I’ll be sure to update this page with new predictions/announcements for new attractions at all of the parks. It will constantly be evolving, so be sure to check back once and a while for new updates and information.

So without further ado, let’s kick off these predictions with Six Flags.


Magic Mountain – Since Magic Mountain is getting a flat ride in 2018, I suspect that the park will get its milestone 20th coaster in 2019. I think that Viper will be removed towards the end of the season to make space for the new addition. What type of coaster it will be, however, I’m not sure yet.

Great Adventure SEMI-CONFIRMED! It has already been leaked that Great Adventure is getting a Skywarp in 2019. Since they look like great rides, and are technically considered coasters, I’m all for it!

Great America – I’m still kind of butt-hurt about my home park getting the worlds largest super loop. It’s not a terrible addition, but I was expecting a Skywarp. As much as I would love to think the park is getting something cool in 2019, I’m kind of leaning towards a water park expansion in 2019.

Discovery Kingdom – I would love to see Discovery Kingdom get a nice dark ride in 2019. It seems that Six Flags has kind of phased out the Justice League rides, but maybe they will come up with something new. Perhaps something to fit with the marine-life part of the park?

St. Louis – Alright. I’m going to say this as simply as possible. Six Flags St. Louis NEEDS a new coaster in 2019. It doesn’t matter if it’s an S&S free spin, an RMC raptor clone, or something else on the smaller side. It has been ages since they’ve received a new coaster.

La Ronde – Everyone knows this park has a pretty bad reputation. Although a lot of people would love to see an RMC makeover of Le Monstre, I highly doubt that will happen. Instead, they’ll probably get some sort of smaller flat ride.

Mexico – One of those spinning rides that Over Texas and Great Adventure are getting this year. I forgot what they’re called, but the Great Adventure one is themed to Cyborg.

New England – Water park expansion.

America – Six Flags America was teasing that something big was coming soon, but they ended up with a lazy river expansion for 2018. Perhaps the park was teasing for 2019? If so, I think we’ll see an RMC makeover of Roar. After riding that horrible contraption, I’d say it’s a much needed improvement.

Over Georgia – After getting Twisted Cyclone, I think Over Georgia will get more of a by-year. I suspect they’ll get a smaller flat ride.

Over Texas – Like last year, I have no predictions for this park yet.

Fiesta Texas – After Wonder Woman, I highly doubt we’ll see anything big coming to Fiesta Texas in 2019. They also got a water slide in 2017, so I think their 2019 addition will focus more on family attractions.

Great Escape – As usual, I don’t think we’ll see anything big come to this park. Probably just a small water park expansion.


Cedar Point – After Steel Vengeance in 2018, I think we’ll see more of a focus on the Cedar Point resort property as a whole in 2019. For instance, they just closed their Sandcastle Suites and tear down the aquatic show building, so maybe we’ll be seeing a new hotel in 2019?

King’s Island – They didn’t receive anything in 2018, so I feel like 2019 will be a larger addition. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a coaster, but I think that is a possibility. A ground-up RMC would fit nice here, too.

King’s Dominion – After Twisted Timbers, King’s Dominion will definitely be getting the short end of the stick in 2019. Probably similar to what King’s Island is getting this year….which is practically nothing.

Carowinds – They just got an awesome Planet Snoopy expansion, which means it’s time for the older guests in the park to get something. My prediction was going to be a new coaster, but I think the park would actually benefit more from a thrilling, top-of-the-line flat ride. Think something that Canada’s Wonderland has.

California’s Great America – After Railblazer, this park will also probably be taking the backseat in 2019. Similar to Cedar Point, I think we’ll see more of a focus on the resort as a whole, especially since we know a shopping district is in this park’s future.

Canada’s Wonderland SEMI-CONFIRMED! It was recently leaked that Canada’s Wonderland will be recieving a B&M dive coaster sometime in the future. Since the track is already on site, and they aren’t building it for 2018, I think it is safe to say that this coaster will be New for 2019. Very exciting!

Knott’s Berry Farm – Knott’s is a well-themed park that is low on space. Whenever they want to add something, they usually have to remove something else. After recieving Hangtime, they definitely won’t be getting a new coaster in 2019. Their addition will probably be a new family attraction. I would love to see them add to their awesome dark ride lineup to compete with Disneyland.

Dorney Park – Dorney kind of got ripped off in 2018, will their only addition being a new restaurant. The park also unexpectedly closed Stinger, their Vekoma Inverted Boomerang. Hopefully that means something good will come in 2019. I’m not quite convinced on the idea of them getting a new coaster, but I guess anything is possible.

World’s of Fun – This park has a ton of space to work with, so they could add practically anything if they wanted to. That said, I don’t think Cedar Fair wants to add anything big to this park anytime soon. They’ll probably just get another flat ride. Maybe a Larson Looper?

Valleyfair – Honestly, I think 2019 will be Valleyfair’s year. I predict that they will tear down Excalibur in late summer 2018 to make way for a new coaster. Specifically, I think another RMC raptor would work great here.

Michigan’s Adventure – lol


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